Fibbing Friday: May 22nd 2020

1. How big was the one who got away?
Ans: Unknown – centipede with all its’ segmented legs sped away before I could bring
out my ruler.

2. What comes after a storm?
Ans: Beautiful weather, a catastrophic mess to clean up and can’t forget those
bouquets of flowers – an expression to convey ‘sorry’ following argument(s).

3. Why do fish swim?
Ans: To avoid walking on the ocean floor/if camouflaged easy way to catch prey

4. What colour is grass?
Ans: Dark green if maintained well and shade of brown if exposed to high temps
and lack of water

5. What’s over the hill?
Ans: A huge surprise (positive or negative) for certain

6. What is the color of money?
Ans: Varies country-to-country and can’t forget words / markings people
pen on bills with their permanent markers 

7. What do goats, pigs and roosters have in common?
Ans: Annoying habits 

8. Who lives in the woods?
Ans: Bambi

9. What does an ill wind bring?
Ans: Bad vibes/news for some – others benefit from and a computer freeze for me. 

10. What is a windfall?
Ans: A lottery win over $600 which requires a trip to Lottery headquarters /
can’t cash at supermarkets nor convenience stores

Fibbing Friday: May 22nd 2020

The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020

Bucket list
Combat stress
Adult coloring
Fun n’er contest

Different month
Desire vanish
Good intentions
Time restrictions

Month April
Follow thru hopeful
Dollar Store purchase
Who’d have thought
Super Fancy Glam Purse

Color page chosen before (2)

Color page after period of time (2)

Begin yesterday
Start to finish
Six days color away
Hope finish not delay
Wish me luck – okay!

The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020







The Escapist Coloring Club – February 2020

I thought I’d take a chance in hopes when done with post I’m able to link to site. 

I refuse to think I failed due to incompletion since I did have good intentions.

In January while at the local Dollar Tree store I purchased two small adult coloring


The problem wasn’t the choice of pics to color rather the numbers were still visible

after shading in the area.

It was relaxing although no idea what to do with this creative mini-masterpiece

had I actually found time to complete with success. 

At the end of January I purchased some markers and a small box of Neon crayons

in hopes to solve this numerical problem. 

If the above coloring tools work, then I’ll be off to find a large-sized adult coloring

book void of numbers.

Wish me Luck!

I do welcome suggestions – love to learn.

coloring 5 (2)

coloring 4 (2)

coloring 3 (2)

coloring 2 (2)

Coloring 1 (2)


The Escapist Coloring Club – February 2020The Escapist Coloring Club – February 2020