Daily Word Prompt – Wish

Place author after name
My age wish classified insane

People be more helpful
Not look down those experience life troubles

Daylight included more hours
Reading enjoyment dim light horror

Capable of relaxation
Nice if troubles take own vacation

And wish again
Find a nice gentleman

Upside down life arrange
Right side up tired constant change

Peace and happiness
Worldwide population bless.

© 2019 June Quintin


Writing Prompt Day 31 – Strawberry Freezies

Summer day
Outdoor temps scorching hot
Lawn chairs important seek shady spot

Hostess prep
Strawberry Freezies pastel pink
Smooth tasty refreshing ice cold drinks

Friends arrive
Relaxation time
Table setting exotic isles

Ladies sip drinks take turns talk
Bout places ne'er seen clock tick tocks
Time lapse
Afternoon social winding down
Guests freezie recipe ask of hostess smiles no frowns.

© 2019 June Quintin
July 2019 Writing Prompts

She Reads – A Fun Prerequisite

Days of yore
Books brimful suspense
Young woman's preference 

College texts
Self-help reads
Follow steps survival needs

Genre books purchase
Ear-mark 'n highlight
Devour pages prior twilight 

Retiree dabbled journalism
Recent times member blogosphere
Desire learn constant persevere

Official member library book club 
Book per month read open discussion
Hullabaloo four days comprehension

Three hundred four pages 
Divided by four equals seventy-six
Extraordinary promptitude time ticks. 

© 2019 June Quintin


Awareness of Cluttered Mind

Hurry old gal 
Record hour's details
Tomorrow no way remember treasures
Yesterday's posts reading pleasures
Similar daily newspaper articles choose
Friends' posts knowledgeable 'n amuse
Fun began with questions asked and answered
Keyboard nearly wore iced coffee unfavorable enhancer
Moved on to read a few Haiku poems
There before my eyes a robotic man pic shown
Let's listen to country singer Johnny Cash
Nice videos tunes played piano class
Next stop on hour's reading journey
A place filled with darkness and inner beauty
Decision print post few unknown definitions vocabulary
Selection sidebar's print option sudden vary 
Pop-up window choice page range specs somehow foil
Sat staring seventeen total count backward feedback toll
Time for one last read before having heart-attack
Once upon time follower returns memories unpack
Younger years happiness wedding bells chime 
Hour's officially up library's designated closing time.

©  2019 June Quintin 

Newfound Love ~ Zumba

Z ealous senior citizens
U nite bi-weekly participate
M ulti-levels innovative
B eginners thru intermediates
A erobic combo dance movements

C lassic Latin American music 
L overs exercise innovative
A ctive energetic workout upbeat
S alsa, samba, mambo, hip-hop mix
S elf-confidence, self-love bonus gain.

© 2018 June Quintin