The Cloud

Atop the mountain view
Most worrisome cloud e’er knew

Golden years sad constant blacken
Plague negative sources ’bout happen

Majority folks petrified country dread
Cloud huge looms day-after-day overhead

Supermarket shelves items hard shoppers find
Thanks greedy humans playing card unkind

Schooling options hybrid versus remote online
Job loss everywhere large unemployment lines

Chaos, civil unrest amid considered life new norm
Masks requirement mandatory – optional gloves worn

Social distancing limit interaction family and friends
Weeks turn months – questionable period curse e’er end

Positive smiles worn hidden constant concerns fear
Await cell phone notification alert country fine – all clear

Compound Tech Problem

Phone service void sound
Internet connection down

Timespan minutes obliterate
Months writer's ideas translate

Click follow click surf around
Specific potential resolutions found

Daily access routine correct path
Seriousness thereof screw-up mishap

Software updates leave me alone thanks
Questionable discard notices leave box blank

Guidelines and rules sudden apparent
Intellectual dupe conversation transparent

Humor betwixt somber story validity portion
Senior citizen actual pay monthly PC distortion

No longer wish deal with this bothersome crap
Return back place pen to paper journal wrap

Non-socialization media mode short while
Prayers prerequisite entire works compile

Assigned piece of work absolute ginormous
Refrain usage curse words suitable tremendous.

© 2018 June Quintin

Happy New Year!

Ask why
No replies

Stories told
Facts unfold

Rules apparent
Discriminate evident

Befriend nice
Ultimate price

Goals anticipate
Attainment create

Comments adore
Bloggers' rapport

Countless acronyms
Letter abbreviations

Vocabulary collection
Writer's confection

Fireworks display
Frigid temps dismay

Good old times
Auld Lang Syne!

© 2017 June Quintin