Thought Process

Book selection
Personal gain

Internal journalization

Supervene directions
Presumptuous decisions

Discard comparisons
Frivolous perfections

Scripture passages
Insightful messages

Crossover inspiration
Forward direction

Bestow approval
Sadness removal

Smiles exhibit
Frowns prohibit

Happier place
Forever embrace

Bittersweet decision
Transformation conclusion.

© 2017 June Quintin

Advent Season

First day Christian Liturgical year
Advent countdown calendars households appear

Traditional calendar theme once found
Manger scene and Saint Nicholas bound

Today's calendars 'wow' multitude themes
Successful purchase thereof smiles agleam

Christmas beauty capture via vintage scene
Countryside selection facial expression serene

Angels 'n stars above
Tree trunk hole rest peace doves

Footprints in fallen snow
Children's hearts all aglow

Daily open numbered flap-covered windows
Hidden half-inch milk chocolate squares show 

Holiday season's colorful shining bright lights
L'il bit 'bout Advent calendar per se today write.

© 2017 June Quintin

A Teen-age Girl’s Wishes

Childhood years filled with innocence
Uncaring parents lack common sense
Harder I tried, less appeared they cared
Parents similar to best friends sadly desired

Financial figures, my first love
Honor roll school reward full-time job
Weekly forty plus hours employment above
Thankful for full-charge fulfillment desire

Expressions wants, necessities 'n wishes
Portrayed through thoughts 'n words
Prayer requests to God relinquishes
Frequently blessed, aftermath unheard 

Reflection years quickly disappear
History creation sometimes amidst tears
Quote 'bout events happen for reason
Personal reference emotional treason 

Stop! Think! Interval story young 'n innocent
Countless worthwhile 'n interesting events
Risk or regret reflection life's journey
Happiness not wealth considered deepest life's desire.

Unwavering Thoughts

Daily social media start sign in
View 'n delete messages process begin
Breath in - Breath out
Refrain forever practice of self-doubt

Sip morning cup hot black tea
Warmth, happiness overcome thee
Picturesque view life's last chapter be
Avoidance continuance problems surround me

Hidden amidst background smile
Occasional glassy tears deception beguile
Worrisome empty-nest syndrome approach framework
Practice daily meditation, prefer naught go berserk 

Rhyming poetry creation
Newfound pastime recreation
Detour bypass not smokescreen consideration
Rather unassuming diversion pain classification.

The Happy Dance

Weighed in downward trend
Program buddie's hands definite lend
Weight loss journey 'yes' difficult
Bathroom scale often absolute insult
Precise leaders' advice 
Certain to self repeat least twice
Weight loss recipe appearance easy
First time trial recipes stomach bit queasy
Months down transformation path program fine
Management left two Butterballs behind
Sudden plateau arrival on scene
Dieting nosedive panic mode unforeseen
Bored, tired battle of bulge distraught
Refusal emotions be naught
Younger age easier accomplish goal
Disallow older factor excuse role
Proper attire off to local gym
Walk in thankful lights dim
Scan room lots remember when
More reason discouragement not win
Ambition, sacrifice creation dieter's paradise
Destination invite ahead weight loss small price
Aspiration 'Countdown Happy Dance' success
Appearance function show smaller size dress.