What Day Is It Anyway? Wednesday April 1st 2020

Answer to question ‘what day is it anyway’

Another day ending in letter ‘y’
Twenty plus four distancing socialize

Desire to share humor icon saved
Social media sources refuse behave

Soon discover no choice relinquish hope
E’er update pictoral post number thus cope 

Pensive person usual refuse give up
Today tired and acceptance out-of-luck

Television channels – radio stations
Internet pages full situation labelled grim

When alone with nobody else around
Pefectly okay chat with arachnid found

Some good old humor benefit health
A giggle for lonesome who take care themself

Humorous post read:

Day 4 of social distancing:
Struck up a conversation with a spider today.
Seems nice.
He’s a Web Designer.

What Day Is It Anyway? April 1st 2020




Anxiety – Fear – Invisible Enemy

A good writer
An avid reader 
Aft news gardener 

Time it takes to sit and read
Methods world population proceed
Particles of media outdated chose weed

Tis hard to believe age matters
Those 60 or over Triage procedures
Italians no longer treated – poor elderly

Sadness worldwide grows
Amidst medical status quo
Threat worsens new week unfolds

Sufferer anxiety ‘n depression
Counterproductive thoughts lessen
Social media access with discretion



St. Patrick’s Day 2020

Life zigzagging off course
Invisible enemy Coronavirus
Isolation rules  bans enforced

Family gathering St. Paddy’s Day dinner
Corn beef ‘n cabbage scrumptious winner
Cancelled – order takeout delivery manner

Worldwide millions daily regimen disrupted
Morning read articles politicians corrupted
First day felt desire applaud friends anti-Trumpees  

Appear country leader ignore magnitude health crisis
Elected officials wait orders ‘what to do’ teeter edge abyss
Relax – it will go away – common sense – epidemic impossible dismiss