Do You Like to Reminisce

Sitting alone in my small apartment reading a newly followed blogger’s
post on dolls a self-imposed question came to mind.
Reflecting back on my life I wondered if at any point I could’ve placed
myself in a collector’s category.
The answer undoubtedly was ‘no’ unless I considered my fabric stash or
occasional yarn hauls.
I liked Precious Moments figurines; however, I was rather selective
with purchases. Each one I chose held significance to me.
Books shelved in bookcases ranged from textbooks, dummie books,
cookbooks and self-help selections.
As I read the previous line, I realize little has changed, I am still a gal
with the desire to learn.
On occasion the phrases ‘never give up’ and ‘never too old’ pop up on
various social media platforms.
Am I too old to start the doll collection I’d dreamed of for decades??
Would it be a waste of money I could put to better use in other ways??
Last night at 10:04 p.m. I gave myself quite a spiel.
Stop self-sabotaging dreams. You owe it to yourself to investigate
the possibilities.
It appears I have a bit of homework ahead for me.

Truthful Tuesday ~ February 7th 2022

What hobby have you put aside recently or completely?
Answer: sewing and quilting

Question: What made you set it aside?
Answer: a touch of arthritis – vision problems

Has another taken its place?
Answer: I’ve resumed crocheting with hopes of re-opening my eBay

Is it a brand-new hobby or something I did in the past?
Answer: When younger, I taught myself to crochet from a Simplicity
pattern. I crocheted hats, scarves, mittens, ponchos, afghans,
home decor items, presents for my children’s friends and on
occasion gifts for family members.

Since I already possess the wherewithal, own the tools needed plus
a few storage bins of yarn all that was left was the decision on what
items to crochet.
It was off to Pinterest in search for a few simple ideas to sell – no big

Most of my fabric has been sold, donated or trashed. Next comes the
the decision what I wish to do with my two sewing machines (one in a
specially designed cabinet and one a portable) plus a serger, cutting
table and oodles of threads, notions and quilting supplies.

For me the season of sewing which lasted four decades has come to
an end.
Sewing saved me a ton of money in early years when fabric purchases
were much cheaper. In later years I sewed dancewear and one-of-a-
kind outfits on request to supplement my limited income.

Affiliate marketing lies ahead and either I incorporate it into my blog
or blog whenever I find some spare time.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Nuts

Delete daily writes
Bizarre behavior nuts right

Decade alone true challenge
Occasional thoughts revenge
Realization impossible mend

Remain calm
Refuse admit defeat
Outdoor hobbies autumn peak

Day two NaNoWriMo challenge
Pistachio nuts gal’s intake – a binge
Writing poetry often been topical cringe
Month December return land fabric ‘n fringe.

© 2019 June Quintin

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 2/19

An Avid Bookworm – Poem

Times referred to as nerds
Majority educated voices heard

Years recent active senior retiree
Hobbies writing ‘n  reading devotee

Lifetime dedicated consistent learner
Creative seamstress finance bookkeeper

Often alone thanks to empty nest syndrome
Fondness reading page turner substitute chum.

© 2019 June Quintin









Can You Find Me?

Hello Y’all . . .

It’s been awhile!

Unfortunately the desire to continue my writing hobby came to a screeching halt one third way thru the November writing challenge.

Fifty thousand words seemed like a breeze until the daily commitment of even the average word count became a chore.

I vowed not to feel bad about the incompletion of the project and keep a positive attitude. It was a learning experience for me. I dislike writing fiction. The real world is where I shall reside forever.

Can you find me in the picture?

I’m the birdie looking back rather than forward. Why? Life dealt me many harsh blows during the past three decades.  Lots of major issues to process.

Wow, did I learn lessons about human behavior. You never really knows what’s in another’s mind. It’s like everyone is a stranger in disguise.

Death, divorce and deceit – a triple ‘D’ deal to process. It seemed as though I was walking thru a personal hell in order to get to the other side.

Although I started my blog for therapeutic reasons, I rarely discuss personal details. Why? Few would truly care and others love to plain gossip and embellish another’s unfortunate circumstances.

By the grace of the Lord I managed to survive thus far. Another challenge awaits me. The last chapter of my life – surviving alone.

When you are young it’s much easier to find or replace a partner due to death or divorce. The inventory is rather sparse for a senior citizen and with each birthday the possibility seems somewhat dimmer.

Dating sites are overpopulated with men who misrepresent themselves in numerous ways. They write or say what women wish to hear then like snakes turn on the decent ones.

I lived it. I’d rather keep my dignity and dine with my female acquaintances or family members than pay for my meals via offering up a ‘yes’ answer to a man’s request for that three-letter word ~ sex.

Today’s world certainly has become quite difficult for the genuine woman. Entering into a new normal relationship appears non-existent unless the Lord blesses me with a miracle.

Dare I refer to existence and new attitude as a ‘farce’? I think I shall do that in a quick acrostic poem.

F riendly smile
lways wondering
acing against time day ‘n night
ontinually maintaining semblance normalcy
mbracing new tech state of affairs wholeheartedly

© 2019 June Quintin









Bonne Anniversaire!!

Blogging Anniversary Day
Second Happy Blog Birthday

Special thanks fellow bloggers
Proud gain group organic followers

Posts write starting line therapy
Changeover recent genre poetic hobbie

Collection intellectual vocabulary words
Massive accumulation perchance absurd

Daily journal notes imperative write
Ideas appear sudden vamoose take flight

Memory recall selective thanks age older
List preparer otherwise sorrowful beholder

Virtual friends miles distance away learn from
Social media occasional via messages correspond

A grateful Mom, Grandma and Great-grandmom
Thankful warm reception Blog community welcome!!

© 2018 June Quintin

Technology Amusement Week

Hobby writing show colossal potential
Daily blog contributions deem essentials

Humorous finale writer's amusement week
Days forced false pretense 'computer geek'

Story rose forth morning shut laptop off
Afternoon creepie-peepie show user who's boss

Dumbfounded writer stare decluttered PC screen
Mysterious mischief-maker high percent icons wipe clean

Thankful capable antivirus software run full scan
Finished window pop-up message 'no' threats ma'am

Challenge ahead hours seek and find alternate paths
Progress satisfaction then happen unbelievable aftermath

Fell asleep prior normal nightly computer shutdown
Awaken 3:00 a.m. surprise view old screen back in town

Affirmations, messages state never give up one's dreams
Beginning think find new hobby avoid computer flimflams.

© 2018 June Quintin

Creativity Good Therapy

Life continuance self-improve
Download 30-day challenge to do

Dozen pages read twice over
Easy no expectation rule pass over

Personal scare stepping out comfort zone
Small achievements note boundaries unknown

Creative literary arts
Poetic genre writer embarks

Beauty thru expression
Rhyming in progression

Prior hobbies quilting 'n sewing
O'er Pinterest window shop gal going 

Search cute ideas feminine 2018 bucket list
'Hobbies Happy' ideas naught 'bout e'er resist

Adhere challenges check 'n track progress
Re-evaluate 30 days 'no complain' idea I digress.

© 2018 June Quintin