Truthful Tuesday: October 6th, 2020

Today’s question: “Has this pandemic altered your holiday plans for later this year,
or will it be ‘business as usual’?”

Personally I think taking ‘The Path of Least Resistance’ with regards to the future
of the most horrific year I’ve experienced within my lifetime is a good option as
news articles are wrought with grim tales.

I’ve given up hope for future positive changes the last quarter of year 2020.
This dismal thought pattern rings true throughout the community of we older folk.

I suppose some families will adapt in order to celebrate with the question of
safety lurking in their minds.

Few restaurants offer inside eating at this time thus a hindrance for
those who wish not to cook their own feasts. Take-out meals for these
holidays will likely be on the expensive side.

Tis doubtful I’ll patronize local department stores as already I dislike ‘The
Twilight Zone’ seen at the supermarkets. Thus the alternative is to shop online
which for me takes more time than hands-on shopping at retail stores.

As for a family dinner which to date hasn’t been a topic of discussion I feel
there will be less attendees.

Overall, it’s a most sad state of affairs especially for families with children
who’ve been forced into a whirlwind life of upheaval

I rather doubt there’ll be the usual pattern of celebrations during either
of the two holidays in question.

All we can do is continue to pray and take one-day-at-a-time until life
returns to normal.

Truthful Tuesday – September 29th 2020

Prompt: Questions ’bout Halloween

What are my thoughts on trick-or-treating this year?

In my locale yearly door-to-door trick-or-treating has slowly declined
due to children’s safety issues. Any parent who would even consider
participation in this once-upon-a-time fun tradition during a medical

crisis, thereby placing their child in more potential danger, needs their
head examined. (politely stated)

Should Halloween be cancelled or should it go on as normal?

There is nothing normal ’bout these present times; however, I don’t
feel this holiday nor others ahead should be cancelled. Families can

adapt how they celebrate the special day with their creativity while
remaining in their own homes.

World’s Gourmet Jelly Bean

Easter shopping local candy store
Vending machine jelly beans galore

Colorful bean-shaped candies history
California big cities bit of mystery 

Popular 1900s penny candy classic confection
Follow true-to-life flavor evolution collection

Black licorice 'n tangerine combination
Personal fav' novelty select e'er Halloween 

Colors green, red 'n white Christmas display 
Phenomenal holiday popular special event array 

Currently fifty plus flavors choice reflect
Nostalgic fast forward gourmet available perfect.

© 2018 June Quintin



Happy New Year!

Ask why
No replies

Stories told
Facts unfold

Rules apparent
Discriminate evident

Befriend nice
Ultimate price

Goals anticipate
Attainment create

Comments adore
Bloggers' rapport

Countless acronyms
Letter abbreviations

Vocabulary collection
Writer's confection

Fireworks display
Frigid temps dismay

Good old times
Auld Lang Syne!

© 2017 June Quintin

Santa’s Ho Ho Ho!

Awaken view fallen snow
Seasonal luminaries glow

Vivid imagination
Unforeseen precipitation

Reassurance call gal festive mode
Snowfall fail dampen spirit current abode

Appearance 'Ho Ho Ho' everywhere
Christmas cards, gifts, songs 'n trees

Snowfall addition beautiful Christmas theme
Children's anticipation Santa's visit routine

Amidst seasonal décor 'n happiness e'er cheerful
Spoken words silence 'bout task winter snow removal.

© 2017 June Quintin

Imagination 101

Festive mode fake tree den sits 
Trial idea aluminum foil sheets

Paper shredder create confetti 
Box strips green 'n gold generics 

Snip 'n organize tinsel surprise
Filled box decorate tree visualize 

Leftover flecks place diva wine glasses
Add red 'n white peppermints décor disguise 

Hustle 'n bustle - shop 'n wrap
Time pajamas 'n warm hot cocoa mix sip

A bout of imagination class 101
Dream away tis month holiday fun. 

© 2017 June Quintin 



Smile – Tis Holiday Season

Morning shopping department store
Conversation overheard
Woman's complaint holiday season
No longer fun anymore totally understood

Festive times family celebrations spiritual
Thru years rapidly changed too commercial
Remembrance days filled wrapped presents
Ad display gift certificates season understatement

Now upfront store's pharmacy checkout counter
Clerk apologetic problem lack of dollar bills cash
Near whispered comment quarters acceptable 'n fine
Awareness new-hired cashiers season stressful time

High percentage seniors pleasant demeanor embrace
Amidst technology's e'er constant fast change pace
Attitude transform frown to smile free idea in place
Readiness spirit joyful holiday season undertake.

© 2017 June Quintin

Christmas Tradition

The Elf on the Shelf
Popular Christmas tradition
Underway Thanksgiving
Christmas Day continuance

Santa's l'il reporter
Blue-eyed pixie scout
Watchful eyes o'er children's
Behavior good 'n bad no doubt

Elf's report 'n travel magic appears
Once named and by children loved
Each night household members fast asleep
Scout flies to 'n from North Pole void a peep

Upon return he hides different location
Hide 'n seek family game partake once all awaken
Santa's elf scout countdown official start remain
Christmas' North Pole depart 'n stay til next season.  

© 2017 June Quintin

Thanksgiving Eve

Darkness noise soars
Torrential downpours
Heavens please implore
Travelers warning heed concern more

Sidebar scroll unexpected word loss
Hashtag bold 'n told
Comments 'bout annual turkey toss
Sudden abhorrence thought unfolds

Essential search visual reproduction
Thanksgiving feast portrayal
Beautiful plate 'what?' lacks stuffing
Feeling Thanksgiving meal betrayal

Holiday traditions everywhere
Cute, cool 'n clever ideas fare
Differ around the world renditions
Firm believer savor family traditions

From my house to your house
Across the miles
Extension Thanksgiving Blessings
Technology computer mouse style.

© 2017 June Quintin