Truthful Tuesday ~ February 7th 2022

What hobby have you put aside recently or completely?
Answer: sewing and quilting

Question: What made you set it aside?
Answer: a touch of arthritis – vision problems

Has another taken its place?
Answer: I’ve resumed crocheting with hopes of re-opening my eBay

Is it a brand-new hobby or something I did in the past?
Answer: When younger, I taught myself to crochet from a Simplicity
pattern. I crocheted hats, scarves, mittens, ponchos, afghans,
home decor items, presents for my children’s friends and on
occasion gifts for family members.

Since I already possess the wherewithal, own the tools needed plus
a few storage bins of yarn all that was left was the decision on what
items to crochet.
It was off to Pinterest in search for a few simple ideas to sell – no big

Most of my fabric has been sold, donated or trashed. Next comes the
the decision what I wish to do with my two sewing machines (one in a
specially designed cabinet and one a portable) plus a serger, cutting
table and oodles of threads, notions and quilting supplies.

For me the season of sewing which lasted four decades has come to
an end.
Sewing saved me a ton of money in early years when fabric purchases
were much cheaper. In later years I sewed dancewear and one-of-a-
kind outfits on request to supplement my limited income.

Affiliate marketing lies ahead and either I incorporate it into my blog
or blog whenever I find some spare time.

Self-Love Lists – Good Records

Old folks often experience short-term memory loss.

I’m sure there’s many medical reasons for this pattern.

How strange me, myself and I have no problem

recollecting every detail of events which took place

decades ago; however, without a list I tend somehow

to quickly forget portions of important stuff hence

the need for me to compose a list – make that plural.

Sharing from my journal entries today, I bring you

a Self-assessment list of ways to show myself love.

  1. reading the workbook
  2. completing the written exercises
  3. eating healthier – cooking for one fun
  4. try to get enough rest
  5. participate more in my hobbies
    (I selected seven)

Number ‘seven’ was to limit time on social media.

Old habits are hard to break and although I followed

through even deleting some apps, I still have the

desire – the curiosity to view virtual friends I made

throughout the years and watch inspirational videos.

Today I had to brave a crowded supermarket amid

the current Covid surge since my locale is about to

be hit by a Northeaster starting in the early hours

of Friday morn.

After lunch I accessed my phone and watched some

reels, a video creation on my to-learn list.

One video was about ‘God and Your Call’ and

how he designed me and all aspects of my

life. The inspirational message ended with the

the following: ‘Until you walk into the fullness of

the thing you were created for you’ll be frustrated’,


These words, quite profound, didn’t exactly resonate

with me 100 percent and suddenly I became somber

pondering ‘the whys’.

It would have been wonderful to be born into a loving

family with some wealth.

Would I have been happier? Would I have been

blessed with more opportunities? Who knows?

Born into an extremely poor dysfunctional household,

moving past the negatives to creation of a decent life

only to have it taken away leaving me an emotional

prisoner, who do I thank.

Unfortunately for the viewer, some inspirational

messages can trigger a depressive mood.

I’ve learned to dismiss the intrusive thoughts

and keep the positive ones since all aren’t

exactly relatable to me.

I guess this is progress in my self-love journey.

Quick fact:

Grief isn’t always related to death. A shame more

people don’t understand there are more than 40

life events that cause grief. Lucky me, I’ve

experienced all of them.

Humor – letter to me

While reading my last chosen book for the 2021 Goodreads

challenge I did many suggested workbook exercises.

Reality: ‘All the questions & answers, all the lists, all the

drawings and the letters to myself were ‘beneficial’.

I had to be 100 percent onboard and honest to feel

the gain/reward.

Random page from my journal ‘Happy Thoughts’

contains a letter I wrote to my body. It’s soo much

better to feel good about yourself.

The day I wrote the following I had a good laugh.

Dear Body,

You are old and tired now.

I remember when I used to take better care of you.

What happened? Life! Ageism. Depression.

Although I make honest efforts to forge ahead,

re-starting an exercise regimen combined with

healthy eating I doubt I’m going to approve of

the image in the mirror.

Wear a bikini (heck no) related thought = dread.

The stomach of this body carried four children on

the inside and I have a ‘roadmap’ to nowhere for

proof on the outside.

True, I’m unique and special – look at the previous

exercise, a long list of hobbies I tried throughout

my life and all the accomplishments.

Truth is: ‘I don’t like being old’; however, I’ll continue

my ‘old in years – young at heart’ portrayal.

I pray I can keep a positive mindset – one day at

a time future.

‘It’s okay to love myself and demand respect’ even

when the mirror image is a bit bothersome and tad


This journal entry portrays mixed emotions.

One has to put themself in a good frame of

mind and enjoy today’s journey at whatever

stage of life.

To compare oneself to the younger generation

is a waste of time since the biological clock

moves in one direction, forward.

New Year – New Me

To those who followed me faithfully I’d like to wish:

Happy New Year 2022!”

During my hiatus I’ve been working on other projects

and learning all about self-love.

Imagine – a bit unbelievable and bit late in game called life.

If you’ve ever taken the time to be 100 percent honest with

yourself, you might be extremely surprised at the outcome.

Today (at least for now) I feel I’m in a much better place

emotionally with fresh new ideas for the year ahead 2022.

For the month of January, I’ve decided to participate

in a new process.

Each day will find me dedicated to completion of ‘one’

additional task.

In 2021 life, (me, myself and I) overwhelmed me and

slowly I was sinking like a ship, drowning in depression.

“Why doesn’t anyone offer to help senior citizens?”

If felt like nobody truly cared anymore. This was reality

not what some would refer to as self-pity especially

since I’d continued to tackle other responsibilities.

A bit bewildered I faced the fact: ‘It was time for change.”

The choice was totally mine.

I paid out-of-pocket for some professional cleaning


On the first morning the woman delegated to help me

brought along her mother (additional help) since she’d

taken her Mom to an appointment earlier.

It seems I was fortunate to have two ladies assist me

and only charged hourly price for one.

A wakeup call that day when the older woman possed

a question to me.

The immediate look of shock on my face resulted in

her quick apology.

It’s certain I asked myself the same prior to being

asked same by a total stranger.

The question has stuck in my mind like an intrusive thought.

Difference is the remembrance triggers me to act with positivity.

So today I’m returning to Blogosphere in hopes to fill up

ALL the days in my January calendar.

Albatross ~ Love ~ Abhorrence

What would you do?

It’s a known fact humans respond and react to circumstances often in pompous manners. How does a partner handle deceit?

  1. Counseling to figure out the ‘whys’ of the illicit behavior is a good first step in the process of salvaging a relationship.
  2. If both parties can communicate their innermost and brutally honest thoughts then there’s hope for the future, a reconciliation.  
  3. Forgiveness plays a most important role for both; however, the recipient who took the blunt force of the betrayal often finds it difficult to trust and forget.
  4. Spiritual healing works its’ magic to newfound happiness. Finalization of body-mind-soul combination helps rebuild a loving synchronous coexistence.

Outward appearances . . . ahead follows the nobody knows . . . the blasphemous secrets.

Deceit again!

A tangled web woven bestowed upon the innocent party now becomes a cross for individual to bear from point of revelation likely ’til death. 

He committed no crime yet tis he who suffers in silence. Long ago he tired of failed attempts with regard to solving the hardest jigsaw puzzle imaginable.

  1. Why did the most troublesome questions he posed to counselors go unanswered?
  2. Why were only hypothetical situations offered up by those professionals?
  3. Would their responses suffice?
  4. Would his life ever return to normal?
  5. Questions, questions and more questions ahead.

Viewers, stay tuned for the next chapter of what some might refer to as a soap opera.

© 2018 June Quintin