Golabki (Polish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)

Prompt Challenge #20 – Banging Out a Dish

What’s for supper?
A daily question posed to mothers

Memories night opted for golabki leftovers
Yesterday’s extra casserole dish no bother

Decision heat low flame on range top
Soon out of nowhere heard large pop

Walk to kitchen found quite exploded mess
Whatever happened unknown must confess

No idea earlier choice outcome be so wrong
Claim stupidity only nobody previous inform

Never place certain heating dishes on range
Potential heated aftermath worse than strange

Clean up process definite took quite some time

Contents cabbage rolls ‘n broken dish sight begrime

Imagine question posed again ‘what’s for supper
Answer seek pizza parlor’s menu call in takeout order!


Adverbs – Usage

Common knowledge readers find news articles informative, bothersome, rhetoric

and on occasion humorous.

The first three categories from different printed publications constitute the

abundance of news selections.

It’s quite obvious to the average daily reader how little humor is found betwixt

penned lines unless the cartoon section is their first choice.

Laughter is good for the soul and I managed a few chuckles over the weekend

when I brought up an article beginning with the adverb ‘allegedly’.

I wonder if the layout editor of the popular newspaper created space for

this unbelievable hilarious read or by job description inserted it to fill up

a page.

Either – or – twas rather funny to envision the event defined below.

A voyeur, referenced as peeping Tom, had been arrested on scene of

a gym down south after falling through the ceiling of the women’s

locker room.

It seemed he received quite a bit more than he’d bargained for when

the locker room’s ceiling gave way and he fell approximately ten feet.

Sadly, he fell onto a 70-year old woman who thankfully attained no


As a former gym member for years, I can attest woman aren’t exactly

weak and this woman along with several other patrons apprehended

the deviant prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

By definition a peeping Tom is referred to as a man who secretly observes

women undressing and derives sexual pleasure.

Arrested on site yet article states ‘allegedly’ since although accused he’s

yet to be proven guilty and convicted.

Yes, the good citizen has to stand by and watch how the system works or


Innocent until proven guilty!

Laughable since few people without malintent hide in the ceiling of gym

locker rooms.

Memories Dating Back to the 60s

Blue Cornflower percolator he – he -he
Bridal shower gift dating back mid 1960s

Brand new bride appear lack common sense
Coffee first attempt void cooking experience

Necessary follow instructions – definite not she
Brewing tasteful coffee certain easy no difficulty

Til husband’s loud question spun head around
Instructions in hand recipe coffee shown found 

Hun thought twas supposed to fill entire basket
No idea prepping strong coffee result hairy chest




Take Seven: April 3rd 2020

Today’s words:

background – buns – cake – eerie – evening – handle – honesty – humour —
joke – lark – mike – nose – path – piece – prank – remote – rock – silent – trash –
violin –  wire

Forecast rain
Peaceful or eerie
Wind’s silent path
Remote possibility
Power outage – wire(s) down
Occurrence no joke 
Cinnamon buns
Birthday cake half-baked

40th celebration son Mike
Evening disappointment

Hankering for piece
Honesty –
lack humor
Happiness smile 

Sudden frown
Imperative phone call
Handle situation 

Pray this be a prank
Dressed for day
Nose powdered
Took out the trash
Record time van arrive
Local utility workers rock
Residence border park
Glimpse a meadowlark
Songbird’s tune void lyrics
Similar Renaissance violin

Take Seven: April 3rd 2020





What Day Is It Anyway? Wednesday April 1st 2020

Answer to question ‘what day is it anyway’

Another day ending in letter ‘y’
Twenty plus four distancing socialize

Desire to share humor icon saved
Social media sources refuse behave

Soon discover no choice relinquish hope
E’er update pictoral post number thus cope 

Pensive person usual refuse give up
Today tired and acceptance out-of-luck

Television channels – radio stations
Internet pages full situation labelled grim

When alone with nobody else around
Pefectly okay chat with arachnid found

Some good old humor benefit health
A giggle for lonesome who take care themself

Humorous post read:

Day 4 of social distancing:
Struck up a conversation with a spider today.
Seems nice.
He’s a Web Designer.

What Day Is It Anyway? April 1st 2020




The Birth of a Candy Bar – Humorous

Chocolate crave
Refuse misbehave
Isolation – bit stir crazy
Chocolate smell – aromatherapy
Choose write ’bout it – humorous psychotherapy

Birth of a Candy Bar (2)

One ‘PayDay’
Mr. ‘Goodbar’ wanted a ‘Bit-O-Honey’.
He took Miss ‘Hershey’s’ downtown
next to the corner of Main and ‘5th Avenue’.
OMG – he began to feel her ‘Mounds’ with 
another OMG ‘his ‘Butterfinger’.
Pure ‘Almond Joy’ (LOL)
OMG – it made her ‘Tootsie Roll’.
He let out a ‘Snickers’.
She screamed ‘Oh Henry’!
You are even better than the ‘Musketeers’.
Soon she became ‘Chunky’ and
9 months later ‘Baby Ruth’ was born.


Self-Notation: “I can’t believe I’m posting this.” <smile>