National Cherry Pie Day-Feb. 20

It’s Presidents Day ‘Washington’s Birthday’ the only official federal
holiday during this short month.

Banks, post offices and schools are closed; for the rest of us it’s business
as usual.

George Washington, the first president of the United States, favored cherries.
The cherry-tree myth, a famous iconic legend dates back to his childhood days.

A little history of the pie:
1. Pie arrived in America with the first settlers.
2. The colonists cooked their pies in ‘coffyns’, long narrow pans.
3. Crusts, designed to hold the filling during baking process, usually
weren’t eaten.

Fast forward . . .
Cherry pie is often referred to as a ‘great American dish’.
Countless recipes of this pie are available in cookbooks.
Creative cooks search for new versions of this pie on the image-based
social media network, Pinterest.

A slice of homemade cherry pie contains approximately 486 calories.

Far from a pie enthusiast today in celebration of National Cherry Pie Day
cherry pie served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream (personal preference)
embodies definite appeal.

Visual sample of a cherry-baked cookie 😊 yummie.

Down the Road to Peacefulness

Constant daily basis
Thoughts repetitive
Statistics average
Eighty percent negative
Positivity disappearance
Tiresome drama
Departed loved ones
Golden years happiness
Betrayal deteriorated plans
Last chapter life forsaken
Fade into happy memories
Live for the moment
Self-pity total boring
Dilly-dallying vanish
Favorite radio station
Country music tunes
Picture albums reflect
Good novel chosen read
Countryside drive consider
Romantic love story watch
Conception move on
Doldrums spoiling life’s quality.

© 2019 June Quintin














Bonne Anniversaire!!

Blogging Anniversary Day
Second Happy Blog Birthday

Special thanks fellow bloggers
Proud gain group organic followers

Posts write starting line therapy
Changeover recent genre poetic hobbie

Collection intellectual vocabulary words
Massive accumulation perchance absurd

Daily journal notes imperative write
Ideas appear sudden vamoose take flight

Memory recall selective thanks age older
List preparer otherwise sorrowful beholder

Virtual friends miles distance away learn from
Social media occasional via messages correspond

A grateful Mom, Grandma and Great-grandmom
Thankful warm reception Blog community welcome!!

© 2018 June Quintin

Organizational Process Finale!

Periodic write poems rhymingTopic online dating undermining

Hours human broken-heart therapy timeSurrender selection Stop Sign end of line

Desire not bore readers daily basisHappily marrieds rare relate divorce cases

Certainly hold membership world romanceDoubtful dream realization thou third chance

Creative new older generation ideasReader audience hopeful appreciate peers

Writing tools gather plus new device displayVoice recorder memory day-by-day account relay

Discovery requirement usage small lighted magnifierReading instructions small print definitely be harder

Wonder 'bout paperwork purchase box inclusiveCompact zip words coincidence eyeglasses abusive

Suggestive occurrences interesting daily readsOrganizational choices pristine perception proceed.

© 2018 June Quintin

Wandering Blogger

Frequent feeling melancholy
Blogging therapeutic hobby

No boss scoff gal not meet deadline
Self took few days blog vacation offline

Adventurous seek free phone apps
Inconceivable quickly time lapse

Youthful idea create intellectual comics
Window paned stories turning back photo-mix

Short video clips awesome chosen effects
Post fellow likers click count heart checks

Capable ascertain playful technology ideas
Satiated copious journalize memory academia

Decision wise reappear world Blogosphere
Youthfulness eternal personal souvenir.

© 2018 June Quintin

Process De-clutter

No spontaneous outbursts
Nor hurtful words curse

Better path quiet mind
Walk away leave behind

Fake friendship persona
Inconspicuous sashay manner

Living room sofa muse, minutes ruminate
Careful consideration who be real, who be fake

Mandatory Feng Shui décor idea superficials remove
Chosen counterproductives deceptives disapprove few

De rigueur meditation newfound healthy attitude
Quiet reflections welcome wholesome me gratitude.

© 2018 June Quintin



Paradisiacal Fabric Affair

Teenager slow
Beginner sew

Young woman
Machine modern

Children's clothes
Combinations juxtapose

Adult fashions
Pattern passion

Costumes design
Challenge timeline

Continuous educate
Knowledge relate

Classes take
Seamstress make

Scrap heap
Quilter keep

Dream shop owner
Unsuccessful groaner

Wise decision substitute
Begin anew pursuit

Generic type
Online hype 

Dancewear flair
Panache entertainer

Sales one-of-kinds 
Wearisome deadlines 

Decision close door
Boxed remnants store

Thought scraps sell
Online store sale finale. 

© 2018 June Quintin

word prompt: word prompt 


Colorful ‘n Hilarious Bargain

Guilty pleasure
Comical treasure

Change purse eye
Poop emojis LOL cry

Fashionable timesaver
Organizational behavior

Purchase payment cash
Loose change place crash

Previous locate spare coins
Bottom handbag sections join

Denominations pennies thru quarters
Problem resolver quick monetary clutter

Amazement precious time humans sacrifice
Senseless search items continuance exercise.

© 2018 June Quintin 

Quilted Wreath

Browsing through computer files
Beautiful quilted wreath pic create smile

Excellent spring project possible undertake
Fabric stash totes appearance shortly make

Colorful pastel prints fabric hues
Pinks, yellows, orchids, greens 'n blues

Sewing machine, Serger 'n quilting tools
Access YouTube instructions thankful cool

Indecisiveness task start pathway gal's mind
Mother Nature's forecast certain lack sunshine

Rain 'n gusty winds possible loss power
Best schedule wreath sew post 2nd Nor'easter

Retirement option 'whenever wish' idea twofold
No longer PT seamstress' deadlines lo 'n behold.

© 2018 June Quintin


Improvement recollect situation
Dollar store bargain fluorescents

Self-stick note flags 100 'n count
Problem solver quick access obtain

Shortcut to 'favs' - last page trace read
Path marv' inexpensive colorful bookmarkers

Unique technique easily reader navigates
Supplement or replacement bright highlighters

All that's left final step timesaver access
Chosen colors book types 'n genres flag process

Wholly engaged language creativity
Oblivious outside weather turn gloom

Small wonder words appearance similarity
Thanks darkness' n torrential rain mid-afternoon.

© 2017 June Quintin