A Virtual Friend’s Video Interpretation ~ A Mother

Dear Sis:
I came to speak to those who seem to think that Moms
are just Moms.
Well baby, let me let you in on who we really are:
We’re alarm clocks.
We’re bathroom attendants.
We’re hairdressers.
We’re personal stylists.
We’re cooks.
We’re nannies.
We’re housekeepers.
And that’s all before we get ourselves together in the morning.
We’re physicians with no PhD, but we can heal wounds.
We’re lawyers with no degree, but we can mediate between siblings
that can’t seem to get along and sometimes adults who act like kids
We are chefs that can pull together a meal scratch from the refrigerator.

We’re accountants that can make money stretch.
We are strong women who can hide our stress.

We are all the things you don’t even see at night.
We are the strong weapons who God ordained for this position.

We ain’t just a mother and you better not let that come out of your
mouth again.
Let me tell you who we are, “We are a Superwoman!

Imagine all those words and more in 60 seconds or less.

Memory Lane takes me back to my younger years when I held
the position of Financial Typist at Dun & Bradstreet. 

I’m definitely out of practice at WPMs and transcribing dictation.

The former perfectionist would have continued to finish rather
than head to the kitchen for lunch.

It’s likely any reader who is a mother can relate. It’s called Reality Talk.

That’s all Folks!

3 a.m. Thoughts

Three D’s (dealbreakers)
Deceit death divorce

Three M’s (roles in life held)
Miss Mrs. Mother

Three T’s (feelings experienced)
Traumatized threatened tediousness

Why do 3 a.m. thoughts have to be about above?

To escape blasphemous uninvited PTSD transient
train of thoughts I quickly transported myself
For fun I did a few rounds of ‘homonym’ quizzes.
Each one I scored 5 out of 5 which put me in the
‘smart’ category.

It appears testing one’s grammatical skills (even
during early a.m. hours) proves beneficial.

Tired brain and back to sleep for a few more hours.

Blogging ~ Thoughts & Feelings

Whenever you experience bad vibes, tis best to walk away.
There’s no need to explain your choice of what you feel tis
best for you.
For the past several days the above words (uncertain if
written verbatim) via way of scenic reels watched I kept
A message heaven sent??
Sad to admit the realization ‘being honest doesn’t always
pay off’.
I’ll remain blogging in a limited capacity participating
in select few prompts.
To attain my own personal goal(s), it’s imperative I begin
to journey where my heart leads me.
Much thanks to the faithful bloggers who always left me
nice comments.

Ageism ~ Slow to Catch On

Downside of fame burns
Price ahead protection pay
Writer pseudonym 
No more trust you-uns kind words
Sad learn hackers – predators


Although I have my blog on ‘approval needed’ lockdown, 
I never realized potential for harm via connection with
other branches of social media. 

It’s unfortunate, I’m faced with a new problem which
requires my examination of writing under a pseudonym, 
a fictitious name, a practice used by writers and movie stars. 



Type A – classification = perfection
Self-care journey taught me better
Choice Type B – smell the roses attitude
Result stress reduction all aspects of life
Thankful for another day indulge in whatever 

Blizzards, ice and windstorms soon bygone
Follows warm weather, distance close birds’ chirp 
Flowers blossom, grass turns beautiful shade green
Suggested self-care idea (personal) – carry a journal 
Capture special moments experienced in world of ‘Nature’


National Grammar Day – March 4th

Earlier this week I wrote a post – topic Mother’s loss of a child.

The next morning a medical news article stared me in the face – topic blood types.


Yes of course I became anxious to learn which blood type found thru studies performed

may lower risk of severity or worse in the current health crisis.

The answer was RH negative, the alien DNA which only 15% of the population

worldwide (of which I’m one) possess = a minority in classes of blood factors.

Countless times the word ‘may’ appeared throughout this article which I did

read in its entirety.

Percentage of immunity??

Comforting words – I think not.

Wonderful I’d been reminded of another loss – a son taken from me before birth

year 1969 due to this blood factor.

Tears flowed..

I wondered how much more of these horrendous memories triggered by words

written I shall have to endure in this lifetime.

The reality is 100% cruel punishment as I recalled the before, during and aftermath

of giving birth to a stillborn son who’d passed two weeks prior to delivery.

My shoulders once strong from weightlifting are slowing weakening a combo of

lack of anaerobic exercise and emotional stress.

I tell myself ‘never give up’ – I read all those nice affirmations and inspirational quotes.

Reality – going it alone in Golden years ‘sucks’.

The past two days I’ve had no choice other than tend to errands – need of nourishment

and medicines.

Yesterday afternoon I finished reading the second psychological thriller novel by the

same author.

Today I took a long nap.

Now what on earth does all the above relate to?

Today while driving from one location to another, the country music station announcer

stated it was ‘National Grammar Day’.

I checked online and ‘yes’ March 4th is the designated day for grammar.

Uumm what about the word ‘may’ that appeared countless times in that article.

Turns out it’s a modal verb that’s used in conjunction with a main verb to

express possibility thereof.

Overwhelmed at this time, I ‘may’ decide to change from my former goal

and write about romantic fantasy.

After all the mind can wander to unknown places and dabbling in fiction

might be fun.

A Bot – Love Computer Tech

Finally I had the opportunity to research ‘bot’ – a computer creation – a simulation of
an actual human user on some popular apps.

Their comments are usually far-fetched in content and often laughable. They add to
one’s fan base.

There’s even different types: web crawlers – chat room bots and malicious ones.
Who knew??

Obvious one shut my account down for being a toddler genius thanks to a DOB

It’s quite easy to make such an error when signing up as scrolling versus typing
in the required info takes less time only the numbers move up and down way
too fast.

Lesson learned: double-check!!

This experience taught me to be extra careful when recording meals on my diet app.
A scrolling error and my daily food intake could double or triple.

Anyway I chose not to give up personal ID info since ‘Beware’ is a word senior
citizens are warned about when asked for such information.

Thus my short videos journey came to a screeching halt. Upon deletion of
followers I somehow had ’49’ remaining – robots obviously assigned to me.

Chuckle! Chuckle! Life is full of numerous idiosyncrasies.

All That’s Left is Memories

Days Autumn’s beauty
Documents shredded dreams gone
Don’t compare your life
Decisions circumstances
Dark-side depression abate

I should be preparing dinner rather I chose to read few fellow bloggers’ posts.
My chosen reads triggered nostalgic memories.
Oh, those intrusive thoughts!!

Autumn’s extremely colorful fall foliage
Columbus Day weekend’s 4-day camping vacation each year
Breath-taking views amidst the White Mountains
Days full abundance sunshine followed by cool, crisp starry nights

A song from the year I walked down the aisle
Thoughts of forever love
Appreciate the one who loves you and does her best to please you

Encompassed lonely feeling difficult to escape these days / nights

Last an acrostic poem ’bout what we in states call jelly doughnuts
Teen years – consuming three of them plus a vanilla frappe before class

The power of words!!

What a Week – Wait Not Over Yet!

Stopped in noon hour to take a peek – suggestions / prompt challenges submission

next week.

Two days of dismay working with technological issues was one heck of an

emotional strain.

Three years of work right down the drain and likely situation unfixable since

robuts don’t talk.

I think it took its’ toll on me.


While heading for an early morning lab visit suddenly I found myself stuck behind

a Sunday driver.

You know the ones who drive 25 miles or less per hour.

Solid yellow lines – do not even attempt to pass driver ahead.

Lovely was my first thought. Stay calm.

Yepp, I became so relaxed to the point of driving right past my turnoff.

Panic stricken now – surrounded by mostly forest – where am I?

Time to turn around and revisit the road you took – a good tactic liken to retracing

one’s steps.

Arrived at the lab approximate 7:30 a.m.

Mask on headed for the building’s door only before I could enter twas necessary

I answer several health-related questions followed by temperature taken

with an infrared thermometer.

Once I passed through the doors I was met with another gal, Ipad in hand,

who took down personal information.

The waiting room was far from full and the seats had laminated notices with

regard to social distancing.

Thankful the wait was short – a few more questions – blood drawn – on my way.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so scared and alone as I did this morn- no way to start a day.

Pandemic – enough – please go away!!