JusJoJan – Day No: 31

Today’s prompt: chaos

Within moments of awakening my mind is filled with emotional chaos (clutter).

To combat thousands of negative intrusive thoughts daily is a tiresome process. 

Amidst fallacies, pitfalls and extreme emotional pain I thank the Lord for being

by my side and allowing me to compile a lengthy resume of creativity.

Blogging, although quite therapeutic, came at a price. 

The consequences of my inactions with regard to some areas of my life has placed

me in a state of chaos that only I can fix. 

I’ll remain in touch with bloggers who were ‘true’ virtual friends as I’ve enjoyed

reading their posts, the positive interaction and participation in the world of prompts. 

To them I say a sincere ‘Thank You’.

JusJoJan – Day No: 31


















JusJoJan Day No: 26

JusJoJan Day No: 26

Today’s prompt:  busy

I remember those days before cell phones.

The landline phones – some wall-hung – some princess style sitting on an end table.

Times were different for certain since friends were never too ‘busy‘ for each other.

What happened?

New age – new time-saving appliances – new contraptions often referred to as


Yet since my divorce you refrain from contacting me – tis I the one who initiates calls.

You’re too ‘busy‘ to pick up the phone! You’re too ‘busy‘ to plug in my number on your


Yet at Christmas you ‘always’ find the time to snail mail me a card. 

Well I grew tired of your so-called disappearance act for whatever reason(s). 

This year I retrieved your holiday sentimental card from my mailbox and to date it still

sits unopened.

Friendship to me has always been a two-way street. I never deserted a friend in need.

Times when in actuality I was too ‘busy‘ to converse I still made the effort often at my 


I vow until the end of time to continue my mannerisms only I refuse to allow any

person to treat me like a misfit because of single status. 




JusJoJan Day No: 19

Today’s prompt:  Gobbledygook

Scan computer screen
Quick look word seen
Time take another look
Actual prompt – ‘Gobbledygook’
Definitely a word since no red underline
Time access dictionary unknown need define
Love the synonyms think nonsense written lots times
For literary fun chose break down first view
Googled – topical searches – old and current news
D – fourth letter English alphabet, a consonant
Thus far newfound made up word brilliant
Until and then those last four letters
Honest wish description read much better
Gook – a dumb, stupid moron
Time for lunch -this note ending post Sunday morning

JusJoJan Day No: 19