JusJoJan ~ Jan. 30th

Today’s prompt: prepare

Days prior to Blizzard 2022
People started to make preparations.
Supermarkets with overflowing shopping carts
Lines at the gas pumps

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
Yes, I did my groceries ahead of the crowd.
Yes, I put the now overpriced gasoline in my vehicle.
Yes, I placed all trash in the hopper.
All to do was sit and wait out the storm.

Yesterday the day of the storm
The power went out ~ apartment near total darkness
Luckily, I’d had my hot tea beverage prior to outage.
When I accessed my portable radio, I found no sound.
And ‘C’ batteries which it required were not in the drawer.

It reminded me of when I go shopping without a list, it’s
inevitable I forget at least one item.
Lesson learned: check ALL for correct size batteries.


JusJoJan ~ Jan. 27th

Today’s keyword: ‘understanding’

This world would be so much better if humans told the truth.

Personally, I hold those in high regard who don’t speak with

forked tongue.

Proficiency in communication void of deception equates to

foremost understanding.

Touch of humor ~ brief, to the point, understood

  1. This morning my daughter texted me from
    Target where she was shopping in preparation for
    this weekend’s snowstorm.
    “Do you need anything, Mom?”
    I replied, “Thanks, I’m all set; however, I could use a
    man, to shovel the snow.”
    Her response: “Hmm (think emoji) I don’t think Target
    sells them.” (LOL emoji)