JusJoJan – Day 4


I managed to copy this year’s image and find a new pathway to post it here.

If correct, I believe it’s okay not to stick to a specific topic. Rather than research

directions under dim light I opted to wait for a day with bright sunshine.

Thus today’s contribution is about my early morning personal computer


After taking my 1st med of the day (Thyroid) with a full glass of water I’m

not supposed to eat for the next 30 minutes so the medicine can work its’

magic while thinning my crop of used-to-be thick hair, a most wonderful

side effect.

In the past I’d access my computer and lose track of time. Afterwards I’d

experience a gnawing gut feeling – aggravation at myself for not paying

better attention to the clock.

To rectify this situation I chose to mark the start time and shut down after

30 minutes no matter what site my mouse pointer was set thereon.

It’s called discipline!!

Today I scanned news articles on my homepage and settled for one which

within its’ title incorporated the words ‘greediest state in America’.

The fun began . . . LOL

One would think the answer would be at least at the end of the news article.


Another link to ‘most dishonest’ followed by ‘loneliest’, ‘most dangerous’,

‘most party-friendly’ (drunkest state) and I stopped at ‘most promiscuous’.

With allotted computer time nearing end I backtracked. I couldn’t believe I’d

missed the pictures below the articles.

Then I plain laughed at myself as the answer to the first article was divulged to me.

Done – not yet.

I figured I’d place the question of ‘what’s the most’ followed by the info I desired to

learn in the search engine.

Bingo! Immediate response(s).

One more question OMG I don’t know where this thought found its’ way into

my head.

Dare I ask for an answer. Uumm!!

‘What brand of toilet paper does a certain politician use?’

Refraining from names here.

To my surprise his picture is on rolls of toilet tissue and wipes for sale online – no

bargain price though.

The 30 minute session ended with sheer laughter – a gag gift – a loo roll – a most

hilarious novelty prank present.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Dump on ______________________ (fill in the blank).

Laughing out loud again.

#JusJoJan prompt the 1st – “Fingertips”

JusJoJan – Day No: 31

Today’s prompt: chaos

Within moments of awakening my mind is filled with emotional chaos (clutter).

To combat thousands of negative intrusive thoughts daily is a tiresome process. 

Amidst fallacies, pitfalls and extreme emotional pain I thank the Lord for being

by my side and allowing me to compile a lengthy resume of creativity.

Blogging, although quite therapeutic, came at a price. 

The consequences of my inactions with regard to some areas of my life has placed

me in a state of chaos that only I can fix. 

I’ll remain in touch with bloggers who were ‘true’ virtual friends as I’ve enjoyed

reading their posts, the positive interaction and participation in the world of prompts. 

To them I say a sincere ‘Thank You’.

JusJoJan – Day No: 31


















JusJoJan Day No: 26

JusJoJan Day No: 26

Today’s prompt:  busy

I remember those days before cell phones.

The landline phones – some wall-hung – some princess style sitting on an end table.

Times were different for certain since friends were never too ‘busy‘ for each other.

What happened?

New age – new time-saving appliances – new contraptions often referred to as


Yet since my divorce you refrain from contacting me – tis I the one who initiates calls.

You’re too ‘busy‘ to pick up the phone! You’re too ‘busy‘ to plug in my number on your


Yet at Christmas you ‘always’ find the time to snail mail me a card. 

Well I grew tired of your so-called disappearance act for whatever reason(s). 

This year I retrieved your holiday sentimental card from my mailbox and to date it still

sits unopened.

Friendship to me has always been a two-way street. I never deserted a friend in need.

Times when in actuality I was too ‘busy‘ to converse I still made the effort often at my 


I vow until the end of time to continue my mannerisms only I refuse to allow any

person to treat me like a misfit because of single status. 




SocS and JusJoJan – Jan. 25th

Last cell phone conversation:

I answered an incoming call from a local area code. 

The caller began with a polite ‘Good Morning’ and  ‘how are you’.

He introduced himself and stated his agency’s name.

Next followed a question with regard to my seeking gainful employment.

When I informed the man I didn’t leave my name nor sign up anywhere he . . .

Surprise: CLUNK 

No explanation or sorry to have bothered you this early in the day rather  

totally unexpected  100 percent Rudeness.

I vowed to never answer another call from any number not in my contact list.

Self-talk: “If a call is of utmost importance then caller can leave a voice mail.”


Just Jot It January - #JusJoJan

SoCS and JusJoJan – Jan. 25th