JusJoJan2023 ~ Day 23

today’s prompt:  ‘paintbrush’

Until my father took ill, each day he’d walk a short distance from home to
his employer’s storage supplies shop.
The small building contained tools of his trade (several different size ladders,
staging, a color assortment of exterior paints plus numerous compatible
material of the paintbrush).
I remember sitting on the staging next to him when he was painting the
exterior finish of our residence.
Although I never shared my thoughts about his occupation I remember
thinking this job for certain is tedious.
To me the location, the size of a home and the client’s choice of paint color
defined my dad’s job, a boring eight hours Monday thru Friday.
I’d consider working outdoors in the fresh air to be a positive only during
inclement weather unless there was the opportunity to work indoors a
definite negative occurred resulting in a much smaller weekly paycheck,
(no work = no earnings).