Awareness of Cluttered Mind

Hurry old gal 
Record hour's details
Tomorrow no way remember treasures
Yesterday's posts reading pleasures
Similar daily newspaper articles choose
Friends' posts knowledgeable 'n amuse
Fun began with questions asked and answered
Keyboard nearly wore iced coffee unfavorable enhancer
Moved on to read a few Haiku poems
There before my eyes a robotic man pic shown
Let's listen to country singer Johnny Cash
Nice videos tunes played piano class
Next stop on hour's reading journey
A place filled with darkness and inner beauty
Decision print post few unknown definitions vocabulary
Selection sidebar's print option sudden vary 
Pop-up window choice page range specs somehow foil
Sat staring seventeen total count backward feedback toll
Time for one last read before having heart-attack
Once upon time follower returns memories unpack
Younger years happiness wedding bells chime 
Hour's officially up library's designated closing time.

©  2019 June Quintin 

Insomniac Read – “Sugar Detox”

Prior conclusion online date
Newspaper-magazine store debate
Location 15 minutes walking distance
Confession thou knew naught its' existence
Several aisles, topics galore
Reader's dream candy store
Newspaper-magazine confection
Allo! Amidst multitude selections
Tenure life held myriad interests
Eventually frugal gal 2 choices present
Purchases for sheer personal reading pleasure
"Sugar Detox" absolute wealth knowledge treasure
Page after page statistics and facts 
Potpourri beneficial current weight loss journey
Eye-opener world sugar disguise
Halloween treats '365'
Sugar found hidden strange spots
Excess 50 sugar synonyms who'd thought
Read 'sneaky' sugar source list
Servings and grams OMG what a culprit
Mission ahead focus sugarless strategy
Healthy diet, daily walk comprised good recipe
Newfound necessity avoid and resist - try sugarless
Now finally over plateau extremely happy this morn
Finishing blog post heading to record weigh-in.
Thank God!