Face morphing ~ Coffee Please


Hello . . .
Trial and error – sooo fun (LOL)
I shall return following breakfast.
Think ‘trial (OK) ~ transfer ‘error’

Explanation ~ determination ~ key

Cell phone app fun much
Video creator, fan
Enjoyment hobbie
Supporter family, friends
Amazing experience

Via invitation I joined the app five years ago.
Fan to creator, another invite ~ should I bother?
Yesterday I listened words ‘you can do it’ vocal insta-message.

Do I wish to livestream? Uncertain.

Already have more things to do and not enough time to do them.

Explanation video ‘face morphing‘:

I transferred a picture of a bit younger me to a different app.
Then the transformation – future – present – past (similar to
conjugation of a verb in reverse tenses).

This morn was chock full of shock sensations 1-2-3.

First, I see the strong resemblance of younger self to my
talented’ youngest granddaughter.

Second, I opted to transfer the face morph video here
and it landed in the title bar. Oops!

Third, the apartment complex’s fire alarm sounded
at 8:30 a.m.

The old me, prior to current self-love journey, would
have become irritated; new me, endured and laughed.


New Year – New Me

To those who followed me faithfully I’d like to wish:

Happy New Year 2022!”

During my hiatus I’ve been working on other projects

and learning all about self-love.

Imagine – a bit unbelievable and bit late in game called life.

If you’ve ever taken the time to be 100 percent honest with

yourself, you might be extremely surprised at the outcome.

Today (at least for now) I feel I’m in a much better place

emotionally with fresh new ideas for the year ahead 2022.

For the month of January, I’ve decided to participate

in a new process.

Each day will find me dedicated to completion of ‘one’

additional task.

In 2021 life, (me, myself and I) overwhelmed me and

slowly I was sinking like a ship, drowning in depression.

“Why doesn’t anyone offer to help senior citizens?”

If felt like nobody truly cared anymore. This was reality

not what some would refer to as self-pity especially

since I’d continued to tackle other responsibilities.

A bit bewildered I faced the fact: ‘It was time for change.”

The choice was totally mine.

I paid out-of-pocket for some professional cleaning


On the first morning the woman delegated to help me

brought along her mother (additional help) since she’d

taken her Mom to an appointment earlier.

It seems I was fortunate to have two ladies assist me

and only charged hourly price for one.

A wakeup call that day when the older woman possed

a question to me.

The immediate look of shock on my face resulted in

her quick apology.

It’s certain I asked myself the same prior to being

asked same by a total stranger.

The question has stuck in my mind like an intrusive thought.

Difference is the remembrance triggers me to act with positivity.

So today I’m returning to Blogosphere in hopes to fill up

ALL the days in my January calendar.