Dating Epiphany

Thoughts per day
Range 50 to 70K

Mathematical equation
Constant mind invasion

Topic of despair
Catastrophic affair

Sudden thoughts
Reason distraught

Dating guidelines
Interesting finds

Red flags pop
Conversational flops

Intuitive perception
Nit-pickity selection

Two strangers together
Possible couple forever

Thinkin' back
Third date hacked

Understand refuse
Pre-bamboozle confuse

Busyness boss
Relationship loss

Portrayal post design
Sudden irksome remind

Time precious - move on
Chase feelings forlorn 

Back to window shop tactics
Follow face-to-face contacts

Resume loving partner search
Three dates maximum research.

© 2018 June Quintin

Needlework – Pass or Fail

Younger years
Turn back time
Adult evening classes
Knitting designs

Colorful yarns select
Needle sizes check
Question pattern imperfect
Good thought laughable recollect

Comfy chair warm house relax
Drop stitch lose stitch count 
Feeling forsaken lack knack knit face
Quit prior needless aggravation mount

Replacement idea frozen imagination
Craft store display fate sewing aisle
Self-teach crochet pattern view new inspiration
Store knitting needles crochet hooks purchase advise 
Learn to knit not good idea own admission
Discovery capable still interlace yarn loops
Follow up effort knowledge crochet activity obtain 
Blissful 'Craft Away' thanks to good intention hopes.

© 2017 June Quintin




Chock-a-block Bust

Selected pic
Rotated 'n cropped
Sudden head jam hit
Filled to capacity foundation 'favorites'

Descriptive writing vivid pic creation
Comparison painting with words
Art skill uncertain master formulation
Dryer timer dings concentration blurred

Return computer station observation 
Research topics list sudden aggravation
Notes appearance nowhere lost 'n found absurd
Possible end Monday motivation narration

Writing accomplished best void distractions
Save 'all' favorites prior necessary stoppage
Salvation blood boil twenty minutes meditation
Mind 'n body now in sync writing time progress

Yes, disappointed intended post publication fail
Multi-task for young good preference lesson learn  
Opportunity comprise brand new 'fav' list prevail
Relax! Thankful no deadline employment concerns.

© 2017 June Quintin


Thoughtful Share

Mid-November, chilly autumn month
Post-a-day goal demand requirement mindset control
Daily dosage allowance morning self-discipline 
Discourage lack of topic frustration takes toll 

Strange mind characteristics lo 'n behold
Most days ideas flow follow via word after word 
Day thereafter discovery mind capture stronghold
Situation not problematic way writer's life unfolds

Lifetime prone perfectionism
Type-A personality from within
Changeover 'Smell the Roses' attitude 
Surprise self Type-B personality begins

Post chosen submission today
Possible amiss strategic form
No denial life's complications
Interferences affect create production storm. 

Thankful life's desires 'n goals success met
Empty-nest syndrome find self left
Decision continuance abundance creativity
Who cares if nobody cares? God cares. I care.

Personal intricate thought quote below
"I'm comfortable with my own self-worth." 


Motivational Monday - tired of feeling blue
Sat by window thought what different I should do
Prayed to Lord provide a clue
Suddenly pretty bird on windowsill playing peek-a-boo

Fool me once
Fool me twice
Three times consider internet far from nice
Seek solution others 'bout writer-in-funk advice 

Sharpened few pencils
Gathered up new pink'n white dotted covered notebook
Off to historic library myself I took
Hopeful find answers from librarian's outlook

Although believer of 'never' too old
Technology hacks prevention goal take hold
Purchase selection dummie book help thyself
Few pages within useful when book opened up

Profiled 'shy' choose decision questions those admire
Disappointment met with somewhat vague replies
Already knew majority answers prior to info requests
Discovery info desire met extraction offer cash quest

Grown tired of lame internet games
Better ways to spend quality time
Necessary naught gain fame acclaim
Back to reference good old encyclopedias reclaim

Post today's thoughts before 12:00 p.m.lunch
Onboard newest idea grow closer hunch
Remove favorite sewing machine cover
Monday's official production makeover.

Life’s Injustices

Not conceited nor selfish
Never referenced self-righteous
Amidst company damsel in distress
Majority clueless her abyss of despair
Exploitation craze
Choice not succumb
Regardless of outcome
Retrospect production
Smarter, wiser, stronger individual
Honesty quite an expensive gift
Sudden wind shift, gray cloud drift
Refashioned mindset
Although try, always remain aware
Preference surround self those truly care
L'habit ne fait pas le moine
Translation - the clothes do not make the man
Different wording for beware ending
Best 'not' to judge a book by its' cover.

Gals Just Wanna Have Fun

Divorcee journey began 2010
TV advertisement suggestion
Process collection various indiscretions
Read, listen and learn
Accumulation misrepresentations
Bad-ass teen-age boy equivalent
Bat-crap retiree crazy prevalent
Church-goer claimer
Family portrait charmer
Outright liar
Psychological harmer
Two-for-one scammer
Fairness to others dated
Gal treated total respect
Smiles, laughs and intellectual conversation
Wondered ever find Mr. Perfect for me
No longer try
Kiss online dating 'good-bye'
When least expected 
Surprise awaits
Magically all fell into place
Frequently write words thru lyrics
Gals wanna have fun soon finds success
A man with integrity 
No ruthless character
Met all requirements set for self
One wish naught make my life difficult. 

Beware of the Charmer

Recently I met a man from an online dating site who turned out to be quite a charmer.

There were no real outward signs of his soon-to-be disturbing behavior. Total opposite he appeared rather nice.

A little checking on social media sites and others’ approval via viewing him and his family picture posts left me feeling comfortable to date him.

Unknown and totally caught off-guard was three dates in the executive churchgoer’s personality became that of a ‘freakazoid’ following a nice dinner together.

Where and exactly when did this man’s smiles and interesting, intellectual conversation changeover to a total different personality is a complete puzzle to me.

The whole experience managed to sour my thoughts on those who claim to be devout Catholics or Christians.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a complete background check on any man entering your life who knows none of your family, friends nor acquaintances.

Ladies, don’t let appearances fool you with any new romantic interest. Don’t let your guard down. Why? It could have cost me my life.

The man whose vocabulary words this blogger had to utilize a dictionary to define wasn’t looking for a serious relationship online rather a cover-up for a hookup.

I am thankful to God I walked away unscathed. The outcome of a third date with this man could have become more gruesome.

This I admit has been a most valuable lesson with the issue of trust. A decent, respectable woman has no idea the hidden agenda of today’s world’s charmer nor the potential possible harm he could inflict upon her once alone.

Realization now for the woman whose heart you attempted to hurt via your actions is a newfound built wall ‘lack of trust’, a barrier to some really decent man.

You, the charmer, I truly believe will get back 10X thru Karma compensation for your actions.

Yesterday began a new month of my favorite season, autumn. I intend to keep it filled with beautiful people, positive thoughts and happy moments.

This woman who demands respect and love has no place amidst the world of the ignorant man a.k.a. ‘THE LOSER’.





World of Mixology – Not SBs Cup of Tea

Thankfully turning out to ‘NOT‘ be my cup of tea became an infinite fine and blessing in disguise.

A downright shame to disregard innermost ‘gut’ feelings and signs versus placing emphasis on perception of good traits taught me quite a valuable lesson.

Above is fair warning for those who choose dating online. Similar to tea there are thousands of varieties in the sea.

The aftermath of the bad penny, the disreputable person, is similar to the recurrence of any unwanted event.

Whenever angry with another, tis often best to hold your tongue until you’ve had the opportunity to calm down and assess the situation.

Oops! Did you follow that rule of thumb? Or choose to type and send instead text ‘the end’.

Following a breakup it’s quite therapeutic to write or type feelings on paper followed by process of destruction via placing printouts one by one in the paper shredder.

Confetti anyone!

Feel better? Positive ‘yes’ and negative ‘no’ answers pop to mind followed by ‘reality’ mixture combo ‘not certain’ since even short term grief takes period of time.

It did help though? Yes, precisely correct!

Copping an attitude rarely gets me to reconsider a decision thus you’ll forever remain at a far away distance.

It might be fun to see how a new love interest story unfolds only your presence in my life has become old news.

Dishonesty is far from my cup of tea. She may think she won only a storm in a teacup is no real prize catch.

It’s laughable at best to see the happiness loving posts she sends while your profile stating ‘online today’ shows up on my contact list on dating sites.

Me, I have great confidence in my own savoir faire. Oui, il n’est pas mon genre!













Taste of Online Dating

O-range you a cutie
First pic caught my eye
Forgetfulness crop date
Automatic 'good-bye'
Be yourself task
All decent gal ask
Record pertinent information
Research absolute second vocation
Guidelines choose follow why
Member profile contents outright lies
Access gym daily laughable pic admire
Carrying around spare tire need update attire
Phase two phone conversation - listen heard
Ton red flags amidst herd
Say what you mean, mean what you say
Face-to-face meet no misrepresentations explain away
Window shopping online lonely man's favorite pastime
Discovery total waste intellectual's precious time
Search partner share simple joys last chapter life
Limited potentials combo continuance strife
Self-talk hopeful maybe gonna truly love again
Life's lesson - players game possible learn
Overall process bittersweet
Lacks success story less honesty match lucky meet.