Teenage Memories

I look out my apartment’s sliding glass door.

The view, the snow-covered grass park I spent

countless hours together with my wonderful teen

friends, brings back many happy memories.

The majority of these friends no longer walk

the paths within the park.

Some relocated due to jobs, some moved

away for other reasons and sadly many no

longer walk this place we call Earth.

Reflecting back to yesteryears there were

two sets of teenagers, the elite a.k.a. jocks

and the poor a.k.a. hoodlums, a group of

friends who were labelled ‘The Park Gang’.

Although an honor roll student in school,

I was a better fit for the latter group. Why?

My dysfunctional family was in the ‘ugh’

classification ‘poor’.

We were simply a group of friends

who spent time together enjoying

Mother Nature’s beauty and idle chit-chat.

On days when enough of us showed to hang

out we’d shoot hoops or utilize the ballfield.

The past is history; however, the same feeling

of ‘bullying’ persists via comparison of parents’


I won’t apologize for my misfortune. I’d rather

concentrate on the present and hope for

improvement of current circumstances in the

near future.

Wealth doesn’t define a person; however, some

well-off people continue to be quite snobbish and


Dennis the Menace Comic Strip

Cartoon character
Section daily newspaper

Dennis the Menace debut 1951
Always laugh reading column

Life ’50s simpler times
Think back low percentage crimes

Walk to school, play outdoors
Children receive allowance for doing chores

Unfathomable several decades gradual progress
Entitlement, lies, deceit contribute world’s mess

Reality multitude media’s hyped events
One day sort out hindsight 20/20 reflect

Boldly stated present-day world dislikes rules adhere
Social distance ‘ n masks requirements enjoy fresh air

Take me back to good old days for an instant replay
Fav cartoon cute ‘n innocent though naughty laugh per day