30,000 Rubber Duckies

Grown tired choices
Daily sign-on screen’s
Abundance doom – gloom

Thought to self next pursue
Definite need find new venue
Unhappy with familiar avenue

Today’s first chosen read ’bout fav celebrity
Follow women’s magazine article imply
Hundred interesting fun facts humor supply 

Rubber duckies popular decade nineties
Thirty thousand lost still find them out-at-sea
Social media’s foul mood mindset fail succeed

Better start one’s day with smiles
List to-dos rests on desk compiled
Time come shut down creepie-peepie reorganize.  


Response to Question: ‘How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Life’

This week’s question opens up avenues with a multitude of answers – a book worth reading if there’s one already published (have to check on that). 

After careful thought and memory lane notes I believe the answer would be: MINIMAL.

Certainly ‘ancestry’ plays a huge part via good genes, good health and determination of wealth. 

Numerous other factors play into one’s life and the outcome of a person’s success or failure.

To feel loved is a wonderful blessing which normally results in one’s high self-esteem and good outcomes throughout life.

True to some extent we are allowed to make choices – some good – some detrimental based on knowledge and situations.  

Perhaps one (we) can chalk up success and happiness to plain ‘Good Luck’ since so often we are told not to indulge in comparison.

There are so many ‘why’ questions and ‘few’ or ‘no’ answers.

Overall the majority of us are born into loving hands, share lots of in-between which is a gift and if fortunate die surrounded by loved ones.

In my opinion the summary of one’s life likely is pre-determined by a higher power – a MYSTERY. 

Fandango’s Provocative Question #40




Timing ~ Too Late

Solve problems

Terrible timing
Emotional handcuffs

Strange behavior
Apologize total unaware

Understand now – too late

Burdens bare
Years therapy – nowhere

Decade questions – answers
Powerless world advances

Overtime learn
Intrusive thoughts – stomach churns.







Social Status and Condescendingness

Advocate social equality
Flaunt ne'er wealth nor e'er
Look down on those less fortunate
Childhood poor and bullied often
Adulthood middle-class standard status
Unfortunate decades later divorce face
Fifty-percent monetary loss period time gain
Add to equation new relationship time vulnerable
Happiness overlook flaws unknown partner trait insidious
Full circle retiree back square one living on fixed income
Decision join local library's book discussion group
Membership quite small pecking order show snub-nose wealth
Shyness persona immediate kick-in listen more than speak
Improvement three months fraternization these ladies then
August's scheduled meeting date fast approach
Mailroom search reminder e-mail found zilch
Check library's event calendar where surprise
Scheduled discussion group August no listing date 
Scrolled pages top to bottom months September 'n October
Book titles different from those previous agreed upon 
Last straw aftermath apology e-mail state missed me
Member's prior attempt contact via e-mail message fail 
Irked already situation try hard not overthink
No reminder - changed books next few months read
Decision made dislike membership in group social hierachy
Ne'er will apologize for unfortunate circumstances befell me
Shame on you who think your wealth better than sincere friendships.


FOWC with Fandango — Advocate

Hierarchy – Word of the Day Challenge











Writing Prompt – The Magnificent Me

Stripped of innocence 
Betrayed by loved ones
Face additional moral dilemma

Questions – answers deep in thought
Dinner dates translate intimate expectations
Few prospects like adhere words ‘not tonight’

Show respect (a given) – earn trust (loyalty)
Communicate desire for a true relationship
Otherwise say good-night another futile attempt 

Work in progress acceptance self-programmed
Continue be a nice person – not here to please everyone
Disallow any man ruin your day – be true to yourself motto.

© 2019 June Quintin

August Writing Prompts