42 Words #17

Today’s prompts – morbid / lost

Prepped healthy breakfast
Me, myself and I – feeling lost
Another day alone face
Refrain complain happiness fake
Divorce unfortunate myriad loss
Ninety degrees heat remain indoors
Genetics – counseling – society’s views
Health crisis social distancing
God-awful morbid thoughts 

Fearful history repeat Agoraphobic outcome

42 Words #17

What Day Is It Anyway? Monday May 4th 2020

Today was one of those days gal awakened on the late side.

The norm for this retiree in recent times has been to access the laptop for a short

period following taking my thyroid medication and required 8 ounces of 

water on an empty stomach.

I don’t bother to read all the hyped media articles rather I check for newly

posted reads within my hometown (town I reside in) groups on Facebook.

New post:

My state’s governor has ‘mandated’ wearing facial masks beginning May 6th or

face a fine of $300 for first offense.

This post created quite a stir of comments ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of why now. 

The following comment led to some chuckles from members – it made perfect sense.

“Forcing people to wear masks 2 months into a Pandemic is like putting on a

condom after she’s pregnant.”

Phone rang – my daily reassurance ‘check if I’m okay’ call.

Before I had time to prep some breakfast another phone call from a man I dated

for a few years on a platonic basis.

Ah,  more chit-chat about the world crisis from a mature individual who collects


Needless to say I got a late start on my ‘to do’ list.

The third call of the day was from my son who resides overseas. 

I love his upbeat ‘optimistic’ calls then wonder if I’ll ever see him face-to-face


Nearing dinner time I doubt I’ll finish all those tasks and have to add them to

tomorrow’s list. 

Along with the setting sun comes the feeling of loneliness again.

So many people complain and me well I think how nice it would be to have

another person to dine with and share intelligent conversation across the

dinner table.

At my age with the world upside down I resigned myself to the fact the likelihood

of a new companion is out of the future’s picture.

Now tis time for me to move along and update my reading progress over at Goodreads.

Hoping with tomorrow I’ll find poetic desire – today it was lost somewhere between

the phone calls for which I’m thankful.

What Day Is It Anyway? Monday May 4th 2020








Three Things Challenge No: 165

Today’s words: biscuit – fist – cross

E’er wonder what makes a person snap

Cross fine thread-like line sane to crazy

Totally disgusted percentage today’s youth lazy

World of violent video games ‘n fast food meals

Request favor family member – only work for cash surreal

Technology – constant sudden computer updates shakes her fist

Oh great – a look at clock hours past time relax – today no tea and biscuit

Another night prep a meal for one- sad lonely feelings connote

Sneaky suspicion she’s a wee bit ‘Mad as a Hatter’ until read following quote

“Finding true love is like finding the mosquito that bit you” – Anonymous wrote.

Three Things Challenge No: 165








Loneliness – an Emotional Prison

Alone on park bench I sit

Amidst beautiful flowers

Rays of radiant sunshine

Caress my worn-out face

Feeling so very defeated

Tired of life’s daily rat race

Who feign happiness this new year

What happened – a setback find myself return sad place

When others speak unimportant woes I think disgrace

Why instant stomach churns rocks wish at them throw 

Scream out loud – Shut up since my plight you don’t know

The journey taken thru dark places taught me distrust humans

I find it so very hard to believe faithfulness turn questionable God’s plan.

sad with no shoulder to cry on


Rewinding the Past

High above the ground
She sits watches looks around

Decades days 'n nights
Children's whereabouts within sight

Sixth calendar month of year
Anniversary departure daughter dear

Heart Attack
Sudden massive unexpected
Warning signs apparent undetected

Aftermath transparent
Sufferer lonesomeness apparent

High degree displeasure
Parent's nightmare incomprehensible measure.

© 2019 June Quintin

Few Know The Struggle Within

Alone sits with grief
Stares in space disbelief
Lost place consider home
Commence again self alone
Unknown exact path turn
Remembrances forevermore yearn
Comparisons generate depression
Positives accept – disallow dat culprit win
Dismiss numerous intrusive sad thoughts
Countless shreds happiness future straightaway sought.

© 2019 June Quintin











Cemented Memories

Sometimes darkness night
PTSD recurs, dreams fright

Ghastly ghosts ferment
Stories, turmoil, torment

Night pattern familiar
Sights bizarre, peculiar

E'erlast prediction doom
Switchover kick-ass gloom

Insomniac heartless witch
Costume designer lover stitch

Mood capable reverse
Positivity skills rehearse

Mornin' meet attendee
Necessity anxiety free

Breathing techniques
Calmness overcome thee

Underneath covers cower
Await daylight, pleasant tomorrow.

© 2018 June Quintin
Time blown in the zap zone



Amidst branches petite turtle rests on log
Alone 'n far away from world of electronic devices
Changeover day's plans reverse occasional brain fog
Experience world reptile inner calmness surprises

Last night's dream sequence
Images, thoughts 'n feelings intense
Total recall remembrance once awaken
Loved one's shocking messages verbatim

WYSIWYG - computer teacher exam question
Answer 'correct' what you see is what you get
False pretense friendships huge threat
Those forever true friends never forget

Experience unknown difference alone feeling
Versus condone being alone actual
Neither sad nor boring void ringtones
Enjoyment pure solitude 'yes'  quite factual.

© 2017 June Quintin