Questions about Departed Loved Ones

Realization is many in life ask the Lord for assistance when in dire straits.

For some wishes are granted while others receive unanswered prayers – a mystery.

I’ve often heard loved ones speak of signs from dearly departed relatives.

Cardinals, butterflies, feathers, pennies in strange places, rainbows and visitation

dreams all were signs shared with me.

Personally I have experienced visitation dreams and the presence of a former

spouse numerous times to the point of awakening in a cold sweat thanks to

the dream being too vivid. 

Immediately I wrote down exactly what I remembered and then no more

dreams visits from individual. 

The areas with regards to signs I think about are:

  1. How does a person know exactly who is visiting from the other side from those other signs?
  2. If an individual is in a long-term marriage for over three decades, is that person 
    considered the soul mate or another from a second marital union?

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Few Know The Struggle Within

Alone sits with grief
Stares in space disbelief
Lost place consider home
Commence again self alone
Unknown exact path turn
Remembrances forevermore yearn
Comparisons generate depression
Positives accept – disallow dat culprit win
Dismiss numerous intrusive sad thoughts
Countless shreds happiness future straightaway sought.

© 2019 June Quintin











In Remembrance

Hello daughter
Heaven resident

Birthday fifty-two
Cemetery present

Early-on Lord chose you be with him
Leaving behind two beautiful children

Time and again ponder 'why' reason
Doubt overcome create faith treason

Cardinals and butterflies stare
Signs sweet daughter presence near

Sunny August summer evening you born
Adorable baby-blue eyes blond hair adorn

Motherhood kick off dream wonderful true
Fate face remainder life sweet memories of you.

© 2018 June Quintin


Virtual garden freeze
Profile deactivation please

Grown tired of fakes
Unsightly gruesome flakes

Feelings concrete shutdown
Desire grieve solely shown

Innermost feelings reflect
Questionable faith conflict

Capacity full emotional space
Memories loss 23 years ago face

Compassion, empathy, reality
Continual loss no fun actuality

Never expect anything from anyone
Expectations seem always hurt someone.

© 2018 June Quintin


Lenten Season

Catholicism gal's chosen religion
First attempt membership age eleven

Tagged along friends' sign-up Catechism
Oops! Parent's signature requirement registration

Requested paperwork in hand return home
Met with answer 'no' found self standing alone

Residence two homes from beautiful church
Sunday dress-up certain attend religious worship 

Age eighteen full ambition study topic religion  
Official journey underway pathway promise heaven 

Five decades later confusion how individual proceed
Apparent now worldly Smorgasbord Catholics supersede

Forty days 'n nights comprise annual season Lent
Time sinners think thoughts 'bout actual process repent

Favorite country tune's popular lyrics ring true
Tell me why - tell me what supposed do feeling blue

Few understand scenarios faced 'n walked through
Compassion and empathy fellow men failure anew

Watched afar life built slowly fell apart
Wonder location visit mend person's broken heart

Sincere attempt continue believe amidst topic loss
Show of faith comfort winner - refuse allow tragedy boss 

Ash Wednesday thru Easter observe annual Lenten season
Gal occasionally sit with thoughts ponder 'why' reasons

Nightly serving waffle cone ice cream only real vice
Managing 2018's decision Lenten's personal sacrifice

In spite situation thankful for each 'n every day
Adhere advice 'forgive enemies - continue to pray'.

© June Quintin 2018

Identity Crisis Underway

Process transform negative thoughts positive ones  
Psych reckon exhausting lifelong practice inform

Population never experience emotional problems
Belief affirmation words salvation 'amen' outcome

Sender's sequential heartfelt daily messages dismiss
Receiver's knowledge words n'er solve problems exist

Value good friend's opinion sordid mess life dealt
Verbatim "Woman you certainly been beaten up" felt

Independent person dislike necessary favors ask
Liken requests to others become problematic tasks

Return to faith multitude life's unanswered questions
Hopeful future holds positivity numerous directions. 

© 2018 June Quintin

Heartache Revelation

Chosen suffer unimaginable loss
Grief stages 'five' unofficial boss
Daily remembrances occurrence
Life without loved one face new experience

Timespan grief relief never exact
Doubtful matter-of-fact
Bereft of future ahead
Unchosen darkness path survivors led

Northern Hemisphere modest find Forget-me-nots 
Colorful image light-shaded blue floral bouquet
Five flat shaped petal arrangement five flowers
Life's powerful thought 'forever remember' set 

Enduring life despite absence
Heartache substitute appearance
Significant number humans experience grief
Revel in thought - hopeful duration brief

Parents should never outlive their child
Sadly, overwhelming sorrow happens beguile
Until the last breath of this now older heart
Forever in thought 'daughter' - Forgetting You Not!

Daily Prompt: Prolonged Agony