Share Your World-April 17th

Today’s weekly prompt questions and answers:

1.  Do you have a special talent (ie music, art, singing, dressmaking,
pottery, etc)?
Ans:  As a youngster two summers in a row I hand sewed a skirt with
the assistance of the park lady and won 1st place ribbon awards.
Fast forward several years:
With a brand-new sewing machine I wanted to customize my own
Each year I took evening adult courses at the local vocational high
school. The clothing I designed went on display at the school’s yearly
craft fair.
All that I learned allowed me the luxury of wearing clothes I never
could’ve afforded plus gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

2. What was your best subject at school and was it your favorite?
Ans:  Bookkeeping-Accounting  was both. Learning how to manage
finances proved beneficial both in career and as head of household.

3. Do you like to cook?
Ans:  Reflecting back to decades of meals prepared by yours
truly ‘ME’  I’ll opt to answer affirmative. ‘Betty Crocker’ and
I were definitely pals.

4. Do you get riled easily?
Ans:  One would think a gal born under the sign of ‘Taurus’ would
fly off the handle. For me, it’s totally opposite. It takes a great deal
of time before that happens.

Gratitude: “Welcome each day with a smile. It will get you off to a
good start.”

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SoCS-April 15th

Today’s prompt: usage of a word that starts with ‘mono’ in your post

Monogram initials on clothes traditionally had a specific order.
From left to right initials embroidered were first name (smaller)
followed by the last name (larger) and ending with the middle
initial (smaller).
In earlier years of sewing to hand-embroider such a design required
a bit of time.
The bright white initials on the pocket of the incredibly soft royal blue
plush velour robe identified the intended recipient.
I remember quite well whom I sewed this gift for and how handsome
the curly tow blonde hair lad looked modelling his new bathrobe.
Fast forward to current times and computerized monogram machines
a process which once took hours can now be completed in a matter of
Minutes scrolling through pics on a newly subscribed to app for media
insertion on this post quickly became monotonous since so much has
changed in the Sewing World.


JusJoJan 2023 ~ Day 5

today’s prompt:  cancer

A teen in school back in the late 50s I chose the topic ‘Cancer’ for my term paper.

All work was completed at the local library since no computer, typewriter, nor set

of encyclopedias were waiting for me to use at home.

Thinking back, hard to remember exactly, I believe I received either a B+ or A- for

a grade.

Over half a century has passed since that year and to date people suffer from this

dreadful disease.

To think about Cancer knowing the myriad of friends and family members who

succumbed to it creates the feeling of sadness within me.

Teenage Memories

I look out my apartment’s sliding glass door.

The view, the snow-covered grass park I spent

countless hours together with my wonderful teen

friends, brings back many happy memories.

The majority of these friends no longer walk

the paths within the park.

Some relocated due to jobs, some moved

away for other reasons and sadly many no

longer walk this place we call Earth.

Reflecting back to yesteryears there were

two sets of teenagers, the elite a.k.a. jocks

and the poor a.k.a. hoodlums, a group of

friends who were labelled ‘The Park Gang’.

Although an honor roll student in school,

I was a better fit for the latter group. Why?

My dysfunctional family was in the ‘ugh’

classification ‘poor’.

We were simply a group of friends

who spent time together enjoying

Mother Nature’s beauty and idle chit-chat.

On days when enough of us showed to hang

out we’d shoot hoops or utilize the ballfield.

The past is history; however, the same feeling

of ‘bullying’ persists via comparison of parents’


I won’t apologize for my misfortune. I’d rather

concentrate on the present and hope for

improvement of current circumstances in the

near future.

Wealth doesn’t define a person; however, some

well-off people continue to be quite snobbish and


A Man and his Dog

It’s amazing the info you remember when awake

at 3:00 a.m.

I need to purchase a new recording device as short-

term memory is ‘short’ these days.

The hands of the clock, tick-tock – tick tock, most

definitely move at the pace of a snail.

This week I shared answers to a few exercises from

my self-love journal.

One day I wrote ’bout a tragedy, a stillbirth, followed

by a miracle (birth of my ‘Rainbow baby’ two years

later on same date, near exact time).

A short share ’bout forgiveness and indiscretions.

Within days of returning home after the stillbirth,

a strange occurrence began during dinner hour.

The telephone would ring followed by a hangup

when I answered the call.

Approximately an hour later the person whom I

loved most in the world would leave (new regimen)

for a nightly walk with the Beagle on leash.

To spend some time alone after a loss can be

therapeutic for the paternal parent – known fact.

It didn’t take long to catch onto this new pattern.

The phone call was a signal and three hours

later man and dog returned home.

Although far from funny at the time, neither

of them lost an ounce.

There were lots of harsh words spoken and

the decision to remain married rather than to

divorce agreed upon by both.

People at vulnerable times often seek solace

elsewhere. Sad, but true.

If you’ve lived thru such an experience, you’ll

understand healing from a tragedy doesn’t

occur in the arms of another.

Indiscretions only exacerbate the situation

marital partners should work on together.

Smiles are Contagious

When I arrived at the crossroads of self-assessment, I felt

relieved as though I’d finished another fun aerobics class

or conclusion of one more session with my personal


In retrospect I remember my gym days especially due to

the fact my combo instructor – personal trainer was a

loved family member, my youngest son.

Five to six days per week after classes I overheard an

enormous amount of positive chit-chat from women

in the locker room ’bout their favorite instructor.

‘Women of all ages love a handsome man with a good


Hilarious to me was how the title role ‘Mom’ had been
given to another with graying hair, an assumption.

Although class participants knew Mom showed up on a

daily basis, they never inquired as to which older woman

was actually the instructor’s mother.

For months my son and I played out this ‘unknown truth’

scenario quite well and then the unexpected happened,

true revelation.

Some ladies were quite embarrassed due to descriptive

adjectives spoken betwixt them in conversations and

thought it necessary to apologize to me.

Smile! Smile!

Reflecting back my thoughts were:

  1. I’m thrilled you ladies love my son.
  2. Your hilarious comments weren’t offensive to me.

We all shared a good laugh!!

Twenty-four years ago he decided to follow his dream.

His move overseas left me filled with mixed emotions.

The past month when amid my exercises on self-love

I learned it was okay to feel both happy and sad about

his relocation.

Some decisions a parent has to often unwillingly accept.

For me acceptance changed to acceptance with gratitude.