Heather Pink – Writing Prompt No: 11

February day 
Labor room memories

Surprise package's birthday
Her unique suspense strategy

Both cheeks rosy pink
Paternal fact blood dislike possible sync

Cute blonde blue-eyed bundle's chosen name
Years later discover sun-loving plant share same 

Bell-shaped flowers grow 
Adorn evergreen shrubs beauty show

Two separate entities introduced via life
Both independently precious moments give combat strife.

© 2019 June Quintin
July 2019 Writing Prompts



Rewinding the Past

High above the ground
She sits watches looks around

Decades days 'n nights
Children's whereabouts within sight

Sixth calendar month of year
Anniversary departure daughter dear

Heart Attack
Sudden massive unexpected
Warning signs apparent undetected

Aftermath transparent
Sufferer lonesomeness apparent

High degree displeasure
Parent's nightmare incomprehensible measure.

© 2019 June Quintin

Awareness of Cluttered Mind

Hurry old gal 
Record hour's details
Tomorrow no way remember treasures
Yesterday's posts reading pleasures
Similar daily newspaper articles choose
Friends' posts knowledgeable 'n amuse
Fun began with questions asked and answered
Keyboard nearly wore iced coffee unfavorable enhancer
Moved on to read a few Haiku poems
There before my eyes a robotic man pic shown
Let's listen to country singer Johnny Cash
Nice videos tunes played piano class
Next stop on hour's reading journey
A place filled with darkness and inner beauty
Decision print post few unknown definitions vocabulary
Selection sidebar's print option sudden vary 
Pop-up window choice page range specs somehow foil
Sat staring seventeen total count backward feedback toll
Time for one last read before having heart-attack
Once upon time follower returns memories unpack
Younger years happiness wedding bells chime 
Hour's officially up library's designated closing time.

©  2019 June Quintin 

Down the Road to Peacefulness

Constant daily basis
Thoughts repetitive
Statistics average
Eighty percent negative
Positivity disappearance
Tiresome drama
Departed loved ones
Golden years happiness
Betrayal deteriorated plans
Last chapter life forsaken
Fade into happy memories
Live for the moment
Self-pity total boring
Dilly-dallying vanish
Favorite radio station
Country music tunes
Picture albums reflect
Good novel chosen read
Countryside drive consider
Romantic love story watch
Conception move on
Doldrums spoiling life’s quality.

© 2019 June Quintin














Few Know The Struggle Within

Alone sits with grief
Stares in space disbelief
Lost place consider home
Commence again self alone
Unknown exact path turn
Remembrances forevermore yearn
Comparisons generate depression
Positives accept – disallow dat culprit win
Dismiss numerous intrusive sad thoughts
Countless shreds happiness future straightaway sought.

© 2019 June Quintin