Truthful Tuesday: 2-22-22

Questions to answer:

Have you ever felt that one particular activity seemed to
consume more of your life than you were happy about?
Was it work, a hobby which got out of hand, health concerns
or something else?
Lastly have you managed to take back control or does it still
seem to be running the show?

Reflecting back there have been several I could discuss. At
the time I didn’t exactly feel unhappy nor overwhelmed by
any of them.
To be able to help someone who for specific health reasons
couldn’t leave the house was what a loving daughter would
do without giving a second thought to time involved or the
distance in miles walked pushing a baby carriage from one
end of town to another.
When I arrived at my destination, I would drop off the mail
and run errands in the center of town. I didn’t question the
mental state of the mother who’d never really acted like
all my friends’ moms.
These errands would have taken her approximately 15 to
45 minutes only she suffered from ‘agoraphobia’ and feared
leaving the house.
True fact: ‘For 10 years she never went outside, not even to
take out the trash’
Back in the 60s people weren’t educated about mental health.
Today myself a diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder patient
who suffers out-of-the-blue panic attacks I understand much
about the distress she experienced over decades with no medical
diagnosis nor treatment.
I’ve made peace with what was, what wasn’t and what could
have been thanks to medical knowledge gained inclusive a
a course in Abnormal Psychology.
In my heart I feel I did the best I could for a woman who
never once told me she loved me and tried many times to
undermine and interfere with my life’s choices.

42 Words #17

Today’s prompts – morbid / lost

Prepped healthy breakfast
Me, myself and I – feeling lost
Another day alone face
Refrain complain happiness fake
Divorce unfortunate myriad loss
Ninety degrees heat remain indoors
Genetics – counseling – society’s views
Health crisis social distancing
God-awful morbid thoughts 

Fearful history repeat Agoraphobic outcome

42 Words #17

Depression – Empty Feelings

Realization and admission of factors set me back – impossible move forward path.

Tired of all the bull-crap people peddle seems like each forgot wear rubber boots

before dancing in puddles. 

It’s hard to admit defeat – always thought continue the struggle – win – beat.

Tis not I consider self a failure; tis trying to do too much late in life alone well

competition difficult for one-man band.

I’ve read the posts written about events of people’s weeks – interesting some

complain while others embellish.

I’m onboard with knowledge of people prefer positivity over negativity only

a certain few need to get grips on own reality.  

Life seems easier for the rich – harder for the middle class.

Does that any longer actually exist?

I empathize with the minority folk extremely poor.

The percentage of humans suffering due to circumstances beyond their control

continues to grow – a first morning read facts untold.

Scrolled down to find a well-written article on the topic of the global

virus beginning to hit close to home in the states – no concern social status.

It’s truly scary – people worldwide panic-stricken – actual number of victims risen.

When shopping in recent days I’ve witnessed people wearing masks.

Try not overthink since reasons why crossed my mind be measure precautionary 

Versus someone been in close contact with infected person possibility.

Went on to read an article about a benign illness my own body had succumbed to

back in the 90s. Various thoughts ran thru my head due to words I read – really?

An actual patient educated with facts I was quite shocked to read some words

because I questioned those written facts.

Unbelievable but true: 

I actually was thankful when my computer malfunctioned – usual an occurrence

often dread.

Well I’ve blogged today – no prompts rather lots of random thoughts. 

With that I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture-perfect inspirational quote

which could be the front of a Hallmark card uncertain what occasion though

‘Thinking of You’ how nice: 


quote about life from unknown author





Late Life Learning Lessons

Do I stay or do I go?

The question ask – once – twice -thrice

Smile worn –  a detective mask 

A scout in search of viable answers

Unfortunately pen ran out of ink 

Throes levels depression sink

Desires imperative manifest 

Senior Centers gather social places

Manifest Your Desires

In response to:

#3TC – mask – scout – pen

Late Life Learning Lessons

#RDP – go

Late Life Learning Lessons

#FOWC – social

Late Life Learning Lessons




The Monday Peeve 5

“To Thine Own Self Be True” ~ quote coined by William Shakespeare.

Self-question:  Should I vent or should I dismiss person’s actions?

The decision made = do both.

I’ve found blogging to be fun, interesting, educational and therapeutic.

Today’s vent:

An individual put out a request for participants. I sent said person an e-mail.

Based on the contents of my blog I found a reply message declining my offer to come 


I was fine with the non-acceptance – it takes more than rejection to cause me distress.

Everyone who blogs doesn’t wish to tell the blogosphere world intimate sordid details. 

Sensationalism may gain more followers only that certainly was no goal of mine.

Moving on to what irked me was when I read a later post from same individual with

a new request based on shared words.

My closing thoughts:

One may take courses related to certain problems, read books on self-improvement yet

only another who has walked in same or similar shoes knows the real pain.

Each of us is unique and how we choose to handle whatever life dishes out is our


Please take a reminder for WP future post





Dear . . .

A memory lane story:

Sipping coffee a friend sat opposite me at my kitchen table.
Reason for her visit was potential sale set of encyclopedias.
An expensive purchase void spouse consult near found me amid divorce.

During my friend's visit we chatted 'bout lots of topics. 
There is one statement she made 30 years ago and no idea reason.
She said, "There is a fine line one crosses from sanity to insanity."

Lots of negatives happened since then - who would believe if I tell?
Lesson learned thru years is 'few' truly care.
It's my destiny and all future decisions and endeavors mine to make.

I miss the old me * the fun me * the gal open to opportunities.
If I continue to hold onto the sordid past they win and I lose.
The road to WELLNESS leaves me the task of burying the past forever.
New Beginnings!!
acceptance of what was - it's so over - year passed (2)