One letter per week ~ J

Place:  jungle gym

Emotion: jubilation

Adjective: jovial

Verb: jam-packed

My animal: jay

From my apartment balcony I watched the ‘jay‘ over at the park’s ‘jungle-gym‘ as it
‘jam-packed‘ its beak with acorns.

Colored blue (North American) he and his mate both appeared quite ‘jovial’ pulling
acorns off tree branches.

Yet to witness was their dance of ‘jubilation‘ around the stockpile built with
upwards three thousand small acorns before proceeding to their next chore,
to bury them one by one in different places close to their hoard.

Word: Lucky

People usually associate the word ‘lucky’ with good fortune.

Hmm – quite opposite scenarios . . .

A mornin’ read ’bout 400 people who ‘allege’ they became ill,
experiencing gastrointestinal issues, not long after consuming
a bowl of cold breakfast cereal. The brand’s name contained
aforementioned adjective.

Some ‘alleged’ their poop turned green (OMG) and unknown
to me there’s actually a website ‘Iwaspoisoned’.

My thoughts turned back in time to a hilarious incident.
I had no experience with fish nor did I own an aquarium.

Returning after school from a field trip my child greeted me
holding a plastic bag filled with clear water and ‘one’ orange
colored goldfish.

She named it ‘Lucky’ and fortunately Mom had a spare round
bowl, its’ new home within a home.

Time to give ‘Lucky’ a room-by-room tour.

And then the ‘unexpected’ happened . . .

The bowl slipped out of her hands and in horror Mom
and brother watched the petite goldfish meet with the
kitchen floor.

Followed was a touch of humor – sounds of giggles as
kids watched the tiny creature dance the belly-flop in a
puddle of water.

What to do?? Question of that day!!

A quick transfer to another bowl with regular tap water.

Neither being dropped in mid-air nor normal H2o for
fish was ‘luck’.

Learning lessons . . .

First the shock landing and second unfiltered water sadly
shortened the lifespan of one goldfish.

Out of the mouths of kids: “Lucky wasn’t so ‘lucky’ after all.”

Truthful Tuesday – Sept. 1st 2020

Today’s Question:  What was your first experience with computers?

Transpose my numerical age (73) and discover the answer – 37 years ago when

the maze chase game Pac-man hit the market.

On occasion I accessed my son’s Commodore 64 and quite enjoyed gobbling up

dots-pellets while being chased by four ghosts – a fun experience helpful to

combat stress.

By nature I’m far from a gaming individual. My preference for arts and crafts is

how I spend spare time.

A gal who always utilized a typewriter, I made the decision to take an Intro to

Computers course offered at a local college satellite location. 

Part way thru this class the professor’s homework assignment was to create

a program from the answer he gave we students and he’d run those programs

during the following week’s class.

What to do??

I didn’t own an updated computer and first thought ‘no way’ could I complete

this task.

Determined not to fail I figured I’d at least give writing a program

on the C64 a few tries.

Four hours and several cups of coffee later – success.

Following week’s class I showed my completed program to the professor.

His responses: “I’ve never seen it written this way before.”  “Let’s make an

attempt to run it and see the outcome.” 

If only cell phones were available back then – a nice capture of one

shocked professor for nostalgia. 

I’m e’er so thankful to God my persona is ‘never give up’ as the failure to

try is qualification for an automatic fail.

Truthful Tuesday – Sept. 1st 2020