Take Seven: April 3rd 2020

Today’s words:

background – buns – cake – eerie – evening – handle – honesty – humour —
joke – lark – mike – nose – path – piece – prank – remote – rock – silent – trash –
violin –  wire

Forecast rain
Peaceful or eerie
Wind’s silent path
Remote possibility
Power outage – wire(s) down
Occurrence no joke 
Cinnamon buns
Birthday cake half-baked

40th celebration son Mike
Evening disappointment

Hankering for piece
Honesty –
lack humor
Happiness smile 

Sudden frown
Imperative phone call
Handle situation 

Pray this be a prank
Dressed for day
Nose powdered
Took out the trash
Record time van arrive
Local utility workers rock
Residence border park
Glimpse a meadowlark
Songbird’s tune void lyrics
Similar Renaissance violin

Take Seven: April 3rd 2020