Poem-a-Day ~ Tautogram

Tabloids terrible tale tell
Texas trainwreck turmoil
Taxi’s transmission thundering trouble
Torrid temperatures, trees topple
Transportation tie-up
Tourists’ tempers tested
Tired toddler throws tantrum
Tension toll turn-about transformation
Thanks to Taco Tuesday’s terrific team


Hello October
Thankful temperatures cooler
Low humidity – air fresher, cleaner
Less traffic, super walking weather
Apple crisp, apple pies, cider
Homemakers turn decorators
Handmade decor, fairs crafters
Halloween costume spooksters
Trick-or-Treaters, candy seekers
Carved pumpkins Jack-o-Lanterns
Various pots colorful floral Mums
Fall foliage, traveler’s favorite season
Welcome Autumn 

Poem-a-Day ~ Hobby

Free Verse: 

Fabric rectangles, fabric squares
Seamstress cautious rotary cuts
Progress begins fasten together
Quarter inch seams requirement
Several hours afternoon session
Picture portrays chosen pattern 
Fabric rectangles, fabric squares
Log cabin quilt accomplishment

Camp NaNoWriMo

Day 1 of a new mini goal set in motion.

I thought it would be a fun exercise to write a poem-a-day.

Mid-afternoon last day of June search notebooks underway

 Registration info found; access left me with feeling of dismay 

Before my eyes the unfinished romance novel “Aussie Courier”

Left incomplete, question self ‘why’ can’t think a valid answer

Hopeful computer word program has a printout calendar avail

Visionary board – poetess creations’ wish display without fail

Time now gal learning enjoying and writing various forms poetry 

Detour take ‘nanowrimo’ persona transformation, subsequently.

Prepping for NaNoWriMo 2019

“Mon Ami Jacque”

Last year I was hopeful to bring a novel to fruition. 

Fifty thousands words written in 30 days didn’t sound difficult. 

After writing turned from reality I became aware that fiction was not my forte.

I printed out all the typed pages and placed them in a 3-ring binder along with


November is fast approaching and I thought – hey – give this a second attempt.

With some fresh ideas and renewed excitement I made the decision – brand new synopsis.

In the interim (November 1st – 30th) I shall likely refrain from posting daily on here. 

I don’t intend to disappear 100% (LOL) rather check in with my ‘favs’ – write a bit (a Wordle and a Square Poem) to name a few ideas and read more. 

Your blogging friend. . . June