National Tooth Fairy Day-Feb. 28th

Esther Watkins Arnold’s playlet ‘Tooth Fairy’ popularized the
fairy idea of this fictional character.

Both actual date of origin and name of establishing founder
of this holiday observed bi-annually on February 28th and
August 22nd are vanishing mysteries.

Back in the mid 1920s multiple fairies appeared in ads.
These advertisements were intended to educate children on
good dental hygiene and health habits.

Examples: ‘eat your veggies’, ‘brush your teeth’

The story of the tooth fairy lessens a child’s fear of losing a
wobbly tooth.

fictitious belief
story based five components
absolute fun myth
child tooth pillow sleep fairy
awake monetary gift

Today children receive between $3 to $4 per lost tooth.
If the tooth goes missing or parents forget, the tooth
increases in value.

May the happy legendary tale of the Tooth Fairy spinning 
wands of magic continue passed down from generation to

National Strawberry Day-Feb. 27

Strawberries aromatic and delicious are members of the rose family.

These sweet juicy berries found near everywhere in the world are the
only fruit that wears its seeds on the outside.

There are over 600 varieties of this delicious healthy fruit.

With zero fat and only 55 calories in 1 cup strawberries ‘oh so
sweet’ are a great snack.

Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium
and fiber.

The best time to pick them is on a cool cloudy day.

strawberry picking
fun time grand reward yum-yum
pail edible fruit
overfull no need to fret
known fact strawberries freeze well

An easy task:  remove the stems and seal in an airtight freezer-safe

Frozen strawberries are perfect for smoothies and countless cool beverages.

The perfect time to eat ‘strawberries’ is any time. 🙂🙂

National Pistachio Day-Feb. 26th

Pistachios, cultivated in the Middle East since Biblical times, made their
debut in the US during the 1880s.

A pistachio tree grows approximately twenty (20) feet tall. This tree

requires high heat and little to no rain.

To mature and bear fruit takes between seven (7) to ten (10) years.

Pistachio shells are beige in color.

If inferior or based on consumer demand the shells can be dyed colors
red or green.

Pistachio shells when ripe split naturally and the kernels eaten fresh
or roasted whole salted or unsalted.

Fun facts:
The people of China refer to pistachios as the ‘happy’ nut.
In the Middle East pistachios are known as the ‘smiling’ nut.
Iran claims to have seven hundred (700) year old pistachio trees.
California produces around 300 million pounds of pistachios annually.

Health benefits:
Excellent source of vitamin B6 – protein and fiber, etc.

Pistachio shells can be recycled; wash and dry salted ones prior to use.

A few ideas for Pistachio shells:
1. Line the bottom of containers of houseplants (helps with drainage

and retention of soil).
2. Place shells from ‘salted’ pistachios around the base of plants (a
deterrent for slugs and snails).
3. Holiday tree ornaments

To observe:

1. Order a pistachio biscotti with your coffee.
2. Gift a bag of this healthy snack to a friend.
3. Treat yourself to a one ounce serving – approximately 164 calories.
4. Opt for pistachio butter, a delicious spread known for its own unique
flavor of sweetness.

Priced three or four times higher than other nuts, Pistachios near the
category of ‘luxury’ nuts.

Quiet Day-Feb. 25th

In our modern world noise is everywhere.

world various sounds
near impossible escape
rat race modern life
hustle and bustle daily
pause, appreciate silence

The history of Quiet Day dates back to 1903 and the first silent movie,
‘The Great Train Robbery’.

Moving forward to 2015, a documentary portraying both the spiritual
and physical benefits of silence made its debut.

Ideas to celebrate this day and advocate for quiet.
1. take a walk in the park
2. silence your devices (if possible)
3. spend time in prayer
4. meditate
5. reconnect with the world around you

National Tortilla Chip Day-Feb. 24

Tortilla chips have become quite popular as a social snack.

The origin dates back to the 1940s, an automated workline
and rejected repurposed tortillas.

In 2003 the state of Texas designated tortilla chips its favorite

Today this tasty corn treat is available for sale in a variety of
selections and styles from thin and crisp to restaurant-style.

Tostitos tortilla chips are offered in forty-four (44) different

 Homemade recipes can now be found online for baked and 
fried tortilla chips.

Guacamole dip and salsa are the two most popular tasty dips
served with this chip or crisp made from baked corn tortillas.

To celebrate today munch away or nibble on a serving (depends
on size) count 10 – 15 chips.



National Toast Day-Feb. 23

Love for scorched bread ‘toast’ is universal.

Egyptians invented the first closed oven for leavened bread.

The electric toaster dates back to 1893.

In 1912 pre-sliced  bread  came into existence with the original
automated  bread slicer.

The word ‘toast’ originated from the Latin word, ‘tostum’ reference
burned or scorched bread.

Worldwide it’s a staple found in near all households likely prepped
using the most popular toaster available, the pop-up.

Toast is known for having a healthy mix.  Warm toasted bread can be
found in meals prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The first observance of National Toast Day took place in the UK in

Spreads for toast range from butter and jam to healthy avocado, even
mashed banana.

How do you like your toast?

Comments welcome. 🙂🙂

Single Tasking Day-Feb. 22nd

Single tasking referenced as monotasking, a practice which over time
became lost due to our busy world, is known for increase in production
plus conservation of one’s energy.

To minimize interruptions and distractions appears to be an amazing skill.

The history behind monotasking is unknown and same applies to its origin.

Two famous people, masters at single tasking were Benjamin Franklin, the
Founding father of the US and Beethoven, a well-renowned music composer.

The benefits of ‘single tasking’ far outweigh those of the opposite ‘multitasking’
which identifies with half-finished projects, extreme exhaustion and the potential
for burnout.

Topping the list of ways to celebrate this day is to do one thing at a time, a single


National Pancake Day-Feb 21st

A stack of pancakes, a batter-made breakfast, contains ingredients flour, milk,
eggs, oil or butter. Variations can be found in the majority of cultures.

Synonymous names for pancakes are griddle cakes, hotcakes and Johnnycakes.

Pancakes date back to the Stone Age and appear to be the oldest breakfast in

On record the largest pancake ever made was from the UK flipped by a pair
of cranes in 1994.
It measured 49.3 feet in width.
The one-inch-thick monster cake weighed a whopping three tons and holds the
Guinness world record.

This delicious meal is served with various toppings ranging from maple syrup,
fruit or berries to ‘yes’ even whipped cream.

Today in observance of National Pancakes Day drop by your local IHOP
restaurant, enjoy a free stack of Buttermilk pancakes. Upon leaving tis a
favorable gesture to offer up a monetary contribution which goes to local

Recommendation – do a quick Google search to check if this offer is
available in your local area.


National Cherry Pie Day-Feb. 20

It’s Presidents Day ‘Washington’s Birthday’ the only official federal
holiday during this short month.

Banks, post offices and schools are closed; for the rest of us it’s business
as usual.

George Washington, the first president of the United States, favored cherries.
The cherry-tree myth, a famous iconic legend dates back to his childhood days.

A little history of the pie:
1. Pie arrived in America with the first settlers.
2. The colonists cooked their pies in ‘coffyns’, long narrow pans.
3. Crusts, designed to hold the filling during baking process, usually
weren’t eaten.

Fast forward . . .
Cherry pie is often referred to as a ‘great American dish’.
Countless recipes of this pie are available in cookbooks.
Creative cooks search for new versions of this pie on the image-based
social media network, Pinterest.

A slice of homemade cherry pie contains approximately 486 calories.

Far from a pie enthusiast today in celebration of National Cherry Pie Day
cherry pie served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream (personal preference)
embodies definite appeal.

Visual sample of a cherry-baked cookie 😊 yummie.

World Whale Day-Feb. 19

Yearly on the third Sunday of February appreciation is shown
for the large aquatic mammal ‘the whale‘ inhabitant of our
world’s oceans and an important part of our ecosystem.

This special day of celebration of whales began in Maui, Hawaii
year 1980 to honor the humpback whale and raise awareness to
its possible extinction in the future.

The Maui Whale Festival is a free event which attracts crowds of
people who enjoy watching a most impressive parade of lovely
floats and costumed characters.
Also offered are children’s events and a wide variety of musical
entertainment Hawaiian, etc.

Whales range in size from the ‘tooth dwarf sperm’ measuring between
6′ 7″ – 8′ 10″ to the full-grown ‘blue whale’ length 98 feet, largest on

Whales are magnificent creatures.

In 1946 a moratorium was put in place limiting the annual catch.

Sadly, throughout the years there’s been a decline in the health of
oceans due to pollution.

To save the whales we humans need to educate ourselves more and
reexamine our behavioral patterns.

To celebrate ‘World Whale Day’ look for educational programs, a
whale watch tour or an art exhibit in honor of our ocean’s grandiose