One letter per week ~ J

Place:  jungle gym

Emotion: jubilation

Adjective: jovial

Verb: jam-packed

My animal: jay

From my apartment balcony I watched the ‘jay‘ over at the park’s ‘jungle-gym‘ as it
‘jam-packed‘ its beak with acorns.

Colored blue (North American) he and his mate both appeared quite ‘jovial’ pulling
acorns off tree branches.

Yet to witness was their dance of ‘jubilation‘ around the stockpile built with
upwards three thousand small acorns before proceeding to their next chore,
to bury them one by one in different places close to their hoard.

Newbies on the Block – Poem

Small town
Foxes found

Across lawns
Fast pacers
Fox sites daily renown
Total six race track
Baseball field
Quota team players lack

Quarter century
Countryside twas home
Perplexed new adventure
Urban area present-day fox zone

Reason mammals flee own turf
Adjacent neighborhood families
Pray no innocent child animals hurt.

© 2019 June Quintin