Beautiful Haven of Books

Hometown library – a beauty
Days pass – visitors miss thee

The small women’s book club
Meeting of the friends’ circle

Kindle readers ‘n tablets okay
Prefer select reads old-fashion way

Search catalog – locate desired aisle section
Left to right eyes seek n’find numerical selection

Be e’er so happy life normalcy return
Distance two blocks walk find fun reads ‘n learn

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Song Lyric Sunday: Lost

Today’s theme:  lost/found/hide/seek

Details can be found:

I chose Blake Shelton’s hit “Came Here to Forget” – 2016

Song Lyric Sunday: Lost

At a later date I shall type out the lyrics since dealing with YouTube has been trial and error on a dismal rainy Sunday.

I love my country music and originally chose a Canadian country western artist’s tune. Unfortunate for me ‘little’ wanted to work to allow the song to be played on this site. 

The ocean for me was a very comforting place following a major breakup – period I found myself lost at times. 

Today in the aftermath of the pain (who can forget history) I’m quite a bit wiser having learned some harsh lessons. 

It appears ‘seenagers’ of today’s dating world enjoy the game of hide ‘n seek. Topic for another post. Chuckle! Chuckle! – The ghost and the haunted (actual TV series in US).


Since not a gal who gives up w/o a battle I decided one last try at my original choice of the
Canadian country western artist’s lyric site of tune “Lost”. 

Song Lyric Sunday: Lost







Stream of Consciousness Saturday – “co-” ~ Co-organizer

Pangs thee heart suffers
Question loss independence
Follows time admission
Necessary make inquiry calls
Maid services clean 'n declutter
A co-organizer be quite beneficial 
Although rather do it all thyself
Thankful capable paying household expense
Free time off participate numerous activities 'n events.


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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 17/19


Writing Prompt Day 26 – Misaligned and Malevolent

Worn ill intent 
Backstabbing tyrant

Poisonous mind
Evil desire harm mankind 
Sensor triggers misaligned

Disgusting trait
Feign friendship victim relate
Woman's personal space
Coward unable muster courage show face 

Liar schemer criticizer
Deceptive double-crosser

Feelings resentment
Pioneer personality restoration pleasant. 

© 2019 June Quintin
July 2019 Writing Prompts


Life’s Seasons

Diamonds and Pearls
Cash and Kings
Youth's wonderful dreams

So tired
Newest favorite words
Goals attained left state bedlam

Twists 'n turns
Too early - too late
Soon fear no longer give a damn

Today's world rules total change
Genuine humans frequently bypassed 
Time indulge scoops waffle cone ice cream. 

© 2019 June Quintin


Organizational Process Finale!

Periodic write poems rhymingTopic online dating undermining

Hours human broken-heart therapy timeSurrender selection Stop Sign end of line

Desire not bore readers daily basisHappily marrieds rare relate divorce cases

Certainly hold membership world romanceDoubtful dream realization thou third chance

Creative new older generation ideasReader audience hopeful appreciate peers

Writing tools gather plus new device displayVoice recorder memory day-by-day account relay

Discovery requirement usage small lighted magnifierReading instructions small print definitely be harder

Wonder 'bout paperwork purchase box inclusiveCompact zip words coincidence eyeglasses abusive

Suggestive occurrences interesting daily readsOrganizational choices pristine perception proceed.

© 2018 June Quintin