One Liner Wednesday: April 13th

today’s prompt: creepy enough

The fact cell phone manuals are only accessible within one’s
phone (unless hundreds of pages printed from internet) users
face a great source of irritation; however, one better is when
one’s cell phone plugged in for battery to charge overnight
without anyone’s authorization mysteriously photos become
categorized into albums ~ ugh a new level of creepy enough.

One Liner Wednesday: March 16th

Today’s prompt:  ‘chilly’

Twas a bit chilly and downright foggy for my 7:00 a.m.
automobile adventure this morn to the medical center for
lab work and I was thankful I’d made the decision to wear
a hooded sweatshirt underneath my jacket as this time of
year in my region of the US the weather is often finnicky, a
reason not to rely solely on the weather app’s temperature.

One Liner Wednesday: August 25th 2021

Today’s prompt: good news – bad news

Curious, a few days ago I joined one of Facebook’s private groups, ‘I Don’t Like

People’ and found the high percentage of members weren’t ‘introverts’ rather

those who’d suffered at the hands of others which led them to no longer trust

any individual, even family members.

One Liner Wednesday: 08-04-2021

Days passed, moods changed, depression wreaked its ugly face and the ‘old lady’ in the window

decided to give up on her last dream in life, stopped accessing social media, didn’t write for near

a month and for some unknown reason decided to check her blog this afternoon, read several

posts and found some solace left within her life.