TMP64 ~ July 11th

Hello my friend,
I’m not able to peeve about your prompt ‘extra channels’ due to
my choice – cancellation TV and Landline portions of my provider’s
package deal
autumn 2021.
In recent months I’ve become a tad upset with how the online
definition of words requires one to access more words in order
to obtain the exact meaning.
I wanted to be able to use the word ‘waiver’ correctly in a sentence.

Discovery consisted of several words synonymous totally foreign
to me, legal words.

Irritated ‘yes’ then looked further down the accessed page and I
saw the last seven words I’d looked up.
Imagine a computer keeping track of vocabulary words for me.

The Monday Peeve ~ Dormant

Doormat ‘people pleaser’ e’er since can remember

D istractions – constant
O bligations – constant
R egulations – constant
M otivation  – waxes and wanes
A pprehension – doubts ‘reality’ or ‘pipedream’
N egations – lack of interest and support of my endeavors
T ransformation – hopeful become a ‘free thinker’ – wishful thinkin’

People prefer to be around those who emit positivity (be it real or fake).
Unfortunately. I’ve been forced to live in the house of reality – its’ foundation
laid by others.
Sometimes a smile is genuine; other times tis fake (learned how to dismiss
my own true feelings).
Left alone (pretty much) to fend for myself doesn’t exactly make me the
happy camper.
I don’t want sympathy from people rather I wish they understood how difficult
it can be to always feign happiness when you are miserable.

The Monday Peeve #54

Yesterday I read this daily selfie posted by a virtual friend on an app.

“Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times and good times.

If you are going through a hard time, know that good times are on the way.”

I think I’ll believe this if it ever actually happens within my personal life.

As with news articles I consider the source and decide what I think is real

and what appears to be fake.

Morning share thou dare
Twitter versus chirping sound
Sanity upheaved
Technological visit
Nature’s cricket endurance

The Monday Peeve – 51

Back from a brief hiatus, I didn’t want to cop out and not post thus ‘peevery’

is my blog contribution on this last day of August.

Be thankful – count your blessings!!

I continually tried to keep a positive attitude amidst constant chaos these past

months (nearing 1/2 year now) with no real back to old norm in clear sight.

I’m aware many have adapted to this new way of living – me, I dislike it immensely. 

A resident of a 17-unit apartment complex is the pits!!

Imagine all your life (gal here is 73) always helping others – volunteering your services

and due to a myriad of circumstances suddenly you’re alone – with little choice

other than fend for yourself.

Never did I dream I’d wind up spending the last chapter of my life void of a husband,

unable to visit with my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

For many these are circumstances (myself inclusive) forced to face due to the present

health crisis and living distance from family members.

Phone calls are nice only actual face-to-face visitations and hands-on assistance 

would be most welcome and beneficial.

It’s a sad, sad reality. Thank you Covid-19.

Yes, you remind me of the devil lurking around every corner waiting to

attack some innocent person. 

A little self-admission:.

I’ve been driven (not via automobile) to seek recommendations for a 

cleaning service since I’m no longer capable of moving the heavy 


No, I’m  not looking forward to absolute strangers and their

do-your-work for you paid services.

Back to the laundry issue – two washers and two dryers for 17 units.

Besides too few machines it’s hard finding quarters to feed these machines.

Why?  Banks in my locale are still closed and ATMs don’t spit out coins.

Luckily today I was able to do two loads of laundry after putting off the task 

over a week.

A little reminiscing ’bout college days.

Thankful tonight I have a fresh clean towel for my shower straight from a dryer.

Why I managed to close this post on a positive note after spurting out an abundance

of negatives.


The Monday Peeve No: 51



The Monday Peeve #45

Today’s prompt: topical

Early a.m. and awake I accessed my cell phone in search of info related to an 

incident brought to my attention earlier during a conversation.

As I scrolled the newsfeed I came across two articles posted by a new

virtual friend – a member of a group I joined in recent months. 

One article copied and shared from stated source claiming to be a member of

OSHA 10 & 30 certified was quite lengthy thus decision made to scribble a few notes.

I was shocked to read all the negative facts pertaining to usefulness of three

different types of masks.

Stated was how N95 masks designed for contaminated environments basically

are one way – exhale without filtration. If a person wearing one has Covid-19

his breath is now distributed into surroundings. 

Following was info pertaining to surgical masks designed and approved for

STERILE environments.  The amount of particles and contaminants in the

outside and indoor environments clog these masks quickly. The moisture

from one’s breath combined with the clogged mask render it useless. 

God forbid you come in contact with Covid-19 and your mask traps it you

become a walking virus dispenser.

They should be changed or thrown out every 20 to 30 minutes in a non-sterile


Cloth masks were the last addressed and rendered useless with the

potential to make a person sick as they don’t filter anything. As you exhale

you are exhaling contaminants and carbon dioxide. The moisture caught

within these masks can become mildew-ridden over night.

Wrapping this up: 

N95 blows the virus into the air from a contaminated person.

Surgical masks supposedly don’t filter the virus upon inhaling it.

Cloth masks are worse than none. 

We are told to wear masks – have we been sold a bill of goods?

I found all the above info quite disturbing and figured I’d print the article

this morn. 


This is what transpired: 

All of my new virtual friend’s files from FB were shared to my computer

in code. 

I managed to maneuver around like a computer technician and delete

upwards of 800 of her files.

My intention, afternoon project, is to  rid myself of the branch of 

social media I’m grown so tired of in recent months.

I’m old-school and constant changes which create confusion and

newfound problems consume too much precious time.

NOTE: OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

which assures safe and healthful working conditions for working class. 


The Monday Peeve #45


The Monday Peeve No: 44

Today’s prompt: stream

Since forever when I heard the word ‘stream’ I thought of water.

I was totally confused the first time I heard it in reference

to the entertainment world.

Who knew?

The adjective ‘continuous’ best describes the ‘flow’ of both. 

Moving on . . .

I wonder if a high percentage of people prefer today’s tablets.

Although the lighting of the screen is good for reading, I still like to hold

a book, place a pretty bookmark between the pages where I left off and 

be able to earmark pages and highlight sentences or paragraphs for

future reference. 

Moving on . . .

The world of Acronyms –  dislike them – period (.) exclamation point (!)

Oh so fun to come across one of them – three letters and no idea the actual

meaning thereof.

Who on earth can remember all of them?

Add to the above those cute little or sometimes larger in size ’emojis’.

I’ve  discovered many of them aren’t in sync across all branches of

social media.

Talk about the tech generation politely – a bucket full of confusion and


Final thought:

Blogging can be somewhat amusing and quite interesting.

I managed to forget my original topic for today’s rant = cell phones.

The Monday Peeve No: 44