A Letter a Week ~ P

Place:  physician’s office (veterinarian)

Emotion:  personable

Adjective:  pampered

Verb: panic

My animal: pooch

Our family’s pampered pooch, a Lhasa apso, disliked her scheduled
check-ups with the veterinarian.
The moment we’d enter the physician’s waiting room she’d panic,

kick-start extreme anxiety followed by show of desire to leave the
This particular June day, after formal introductions, I handed over
the baggie I’d brought from home with my pooch’s stool sample to
a brand-new physician’s assistant.
We all were personable, each with other, and then began the wait
to see the physician.
Five minutes later the assistant re-appeared with a concerned look
on her face.
She stated she’d forgotten to tag-label poop samples of my pooch
and another.
A dilemma for certain (LOL) until I suggested she take another look.
Within the plastic baggie I’d brought in was poop with a special
ingredient, PLay-Doh.
It was the new assistant’s lucky day.
You couldn’t miss the pink, yellow and shades of blue within the
Lhasa apso’s specimen.


What Do You See #85 – June 7th 2021

A kitten so adorable, so tiny compared to a full-grown cat captures my heart.

I think back of teenage days, a trip to my girlfriend’s uncle’s farm and a litter

of kittens awaiting adoption inside a red barn.

That Sunday I would return home with my first pet, a calico kitten.

I named her Toastie perhaps due to her multi-colors – hard to remember now.

She was an indoor kitten who when I went to school would tear the wallpaper

to shreds.

Perhaps that’s what today is referred to as separation anxiety from the only

individual in the household who was capable of actual love, me.

I don’t know how long Toastie was with me – perhaps my parents intentionally

let her go outdoors when I was studying hard at school.

Thinking back ‘she disappeared’ were the words told to me.

I’d never see my cute, cuddly Toastie again.

She was the first and last kitten / cat in my life.

Although I always preferred cats versus dogs once married I heard the word, ‘NO’.


Sunday’s Writing Prompt “Animal Kingdom”

Member dysfunctional household
Friend’s suggestion pet love ‘n hold

Sunday drive friend’s uncle’s farm found
Tri-color age eight weeks ready adoption

Patches puffy hair orange, white and black
Unaware parents catch daughter some slack

Thankful allowed to keep female pet
Youngster no idea ahead what expect

Name ‘Toastie’  reflection breed colors
After day school arrive home discover

Playful, bored ‘n curious utilize claws
Torn strips of wallpaper adorn floor

An antique remembers much ’bout ’60s
Selective memory dates back to the ’50s

Unknown period child allow keep household pet
Passage time visual memories only – details forget

Sunday’s Writing Prompt “Animal Kingdom”






Writing Prompt Day 23 – Tangerine Zing

Skunk attack
Grams furbabies 
Repulsive smell taken aback

Reputation foulest smell
Overnight unwelcome 
Invader backyard pooches dwell

Black 'n white
Dogs' foe warning signs unknown
Zapped startled return house yelp fright

Once twice thrice
Removal noxious odor
Methods known good advice

Rotten egg aroma lingers
Oily secretion sulfur compound
Astonishment reality last night's zinger 

Scented tangerine
Bowls decorative rooms placed
Perfumed smell fair degree relief bring. 

© 2019 June Quintin

July 2019 Writing Prompts 


Grandma’s 1st Fur Grandbaby

Official greeter
Daughter's house
Black 'n white Boston Terrier
Giver 'n taker love reception kisses

Kind intellectual expressions
Eyes large dark 'n round
Reliable watchdog gentle breed selection
Capability melt coldest heart around

Fairly lightweight 'n short-tailed
Smooth fine-textured coat
Attitude 'n description entailed
Overall fur grandbaby's good traits grannie wrote

Grandchildren's lovable cuddle-bug terrier
'Yes' demander visitor's acknowledgement
Warm socialistic behavior y'all carrier
Incredible gift 'joy' brought thru happy temperament.

© 2017 June Quintin