JusJoJan2023 ~ Day 20

today’s prompt:¬† ‘phantom’
When I first set up my blog I chose the ‘Hens & Chicken’ theme.
Thoughts of oldest daughter (RIP) played a part in that decision.
One day she’d brought home a school project, a Hens & Chicken
cactus which flourished and produced little offset plantlets around
the perimeter of the hen.
These plantlets a.k.a. chicks could be snapped off and replanted
The start of this particular succulent family, a gift for Mom, was
the beginning of many families gifted to others.
Six years into blogging I thought about revamping my blog and
adding a new theme.
My new chosen picture was stored in my cell phone for usage
at a later date.
Access day was a moment of disbelief. How did this happen?
No other picture similar surrounded this one thus not the result of
double exposure.
Was this a sign not to change the original theme?
Am I a superstitious person?
Along with this for a period of time I experienced what are referred
to as visitation dreams.
Although my daughter never appeared in these extremely bothersome
nightmares I wondered if some phantom from the past was sending
me a message.
What do you think? Any ideas what happened to my original picture?