Sunday Confessionals: Drizzle with Words

I chose the vocabulary word ‘seatherny’.

whene’er chance listen sound of chirping birds
while walking amidst forest pine trees or now
within surrounds park light breeze peaceful be

meditation app soundscape choices soothe me
machine spa portable nature sounds hear relax
musical notes colorful songbirds absolute serenity

Story Starter-20 May 2023

Today’s story starter:  “She peeked back over her shoulder to check that the coast was clear.”

quick glance
take chance

coast clear
nobody here

unopened frozen
old slogan

“Bet You Can’t Eat Just One”

snuck two
indulged phew

presence unnoticed
continue focus

ignore question
reason bag open

seek excuse
picture produce

SoCS ~ Jusjojan2023 ~ 1-14th

‘Once upon a time’
Stories galore intro line

Dysfunctional childhood
Thought twas bad, not good

Santa forgot me every year
Disappointment, followed by tears

When became a wife, then mother
Vowed thy children would ne’er suffer

Pangs Christmas view no tree nor presents
Parental role, constant belief God omnipresence

Youngster forever  prayed for fashionista doll
Now via app play dress-up with avatar Michelle

Quadrille ~ Bold

today’s prompt:  bold

feeling miserable thanks Santa
flu, lovely Christmas present
coughs, sneezes, aches, fatigue
fifteen days forward semi-relief
incoming text gift certificate deletion
grandmother attempts fix sad situation
store reps broken English spoken
aggravation beyond belief experience
follow-up request boldness denies
scrapped certified idiot forehead banner

Mindful ~ Yeah Me 😊

Today thou weight loss journey fresh start
Old program now revamped chose embark

Difficult decision refresher course over responsibilities
Selfish not, importance health issues concentrate free

Aware totally what around me recent weeks happening
What exactly do ’bout situation feelings sad floundering

Fully clothed mid-morning stepped on scale, signal weigh-in
Followed synced the phone app Connect with updated program

Fifteen minutes travelled winding path, a newly offered roadmap
Questions asked ‘n answered, info gained pleasurable both pitstops

Following lunch search for aerobic/anaerobic exercise regimen
Dance inclusive and geared to me, a reward for the senior citizen

My three whys get healthier penned on pretty paper new fridge post
Recipes begin free point foods then add ingredients, idea be foremost

And if you haven’t already guessed place found ton smart suggestions
Out of nowhere incentive rejoined the online Weightwatchers’ program

SoCS ~ July 16th

prompt ‘bagged’

temperature eighty plus degrees
air pollution, thanks high humidity

interior automobile quite hot
a/c broken five years function not

maintenance repair too expensive
windows roll down only alternative

necessity purchase groceries supersede
warning remain indoors failure heed

supermarket, unfortunate pain in derriere
numerous lightings turned off store interior

workers restocking shelves aisles block
self-checkout registers, clerk’s small talk

groceries all bagged’ placed back in cart
exit door, discover one item scan thee forgot

ponder what to do ’bout consider honest error
decide store’s loss, shopper’s gain think no further

Word of the Day ~ Humidity

Wi-fi down
Water brown
Summer resident hometown

Humidity, water vapor
Fluctuates according to temperature
Sultry day difficult find breath of fresh air

Season forward look fun activities
Outdoors face health risk possibilities
Remain indoors old folk, surpass liabilities

Thoughts wander, recollection prime of youth
Life in reverse definite appear quite nice, smooth
Pleasurable memories, lots of stories, untold truths