Observation: Good Faith Versus Deception

Alas no degree

Blogger’s fun
Write posts pen poems

Preference all time
Quality o’er quantity

Pondering reason
Certain folk fan count excess

Assets minus liabilities
Formula owner’s equity

Blogger’s ratio question
Move forward calculations

Post receives 30 likes

Aware certain social media apps
A fee able follower count increase

Google search reveal manner

Deceptions adding paid-for numbers

All wish be numero uno
Followed liked ‘n well known

Best practice earn those followers
Sad learn exist patterns elusive near

Practice to deceive only individual hurt is self.


Tasks done standing in place
Thoughts travelling embrace
Transfer book commonplace

Dishes wash prior prevalent
Discipline self-time sufficient
Deservingness idea contingent

Day heretofore enjoyable
Day blatantly miserable
Day penned words downright struggle

Die-hard sage tinkers poem constant
Decision major or minor adjustments
Discernment aesthetic blog post pleasant

Social Network

Description friend – frenemy personality
Reference icons cell phone screen display

Apps social media sites full to capacity
User celebrity status versus wan-na-bee

Individual scribblers prefer access popular
Nerdish building blocks makings of scholar

Word Hippo – Thesaurus – Grammarly freebies
Forever grateful usances fer writers’ community


Day one excess stress
Digital app not access

Decision deletion done
Danger heretofore fun

Darkness everywhere
Digital expansion sphere

Daft behavior so mindless
Drama teenagers relentless

Disorganization headspace create
Discord wiser older prefer self abate

Different routine schedule afternoon stroll
Divine weather forecast state beach tranquil

Permission to Relax

Lack sunshine current mood ~ creation dismal
Snow follows rain indoors psyche lackadaisical

Whene’er day commence social media agitation
Expect impossible usage writer’s skills conclusion

Stressfulness behind me ~ relaxation time ahead me
Mug hot chocolate whipped cream atop hopeful be

Troublesome paperwork disorganization strike outs
Attitude production quality over quantity roundabout