Lucky Dip-Saturday Mix`April 29th 2023

prompt words taken from cube:  castle-torch-fingerprint-siren-mugshots-lightning-home-book-fish

possible lightning bolt
confusion method ignition
appearance residence torched
castle immediately conflagrant
residents home elite
responders’ sirens blaring
pursuit in progress
momentarily winded down
dangerous suspect apprehended
standing mugshots taken
fingerprints ten fingers
criminal’s behavior erratic
questioned, response bizarre
wisecrack, one for books
spontaneous remark “Go fish!”

The Sunday Whirl ` Wordle #602

Today’s words:  dancing-rising-name-gender-granted-seven-willing-line-risk


with willing partner
seven minutes into class
bodies sweat it out

country line dancing
pose no problem for rookies
risk builds stamina

apart gender roles
thankful capacity learn
effort unequaled

couple granted best 
unsurpassed rising dance stars
names make team roster

National Tooth Fairy Day-Feb. 28th

Esther Watkins Arnold’s playlet ‘Tooth Fairy’ popularized the
fairy idea of this fictional character.

Both actual date of origin and name of establishing founder
of this holiday observed bi-annually on February 28th and
August 22nd are vanishing mysteries.

Back in the mid 1920s multiple fairies appeared in ads.
These advertisements were intended to educate children on
good dental hygiene and health habits.

Examples: ‘eat your veggies’, ‘brush your teeth’

The story of the tooth fairy lessens a child’s fear of losing a
wobbly tooth.

fictitious belief
story based five components
absolute fun myth
child tooth pillow sleep fairy
awake monetary gift

Today children receive between $3 to $4 per lost tooth.
If the tooth goes missing or parents forget, the tooth
increases in value.

May the happy legendary tale of the Tooth Fairy spinning 
wands of magic continue passed down from generation to

National Strawberry Day-Feb. 27

Strawberries aromatic and delicious are members of the rose family.

These sweet juicy berries found near everywhere in the world are the
only fruit that wears its seeds on the outside.

There are over 600 varieties of this delicious healthy fruit.

With zero fat and only 55 calories in 1 cup strawberries ‘oh so
sweet’ are a great snack.

Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium
and fiber.

The best time to pick them is on a cool cloudy day.

strawberry picking
fun time grand reward yum-yum
pail edible fruit
overfull no need to fret
known fact strawberries freeze well

An easy task:  remove the stems and seal in an airtight freezer-safe

Frozen strawberries are perfect for smoothies and countless cool beverages.

The perfect time to eat ‘strawberries’ is any time. 🙂🙂

The Sunday Whirl-Wordle 593

Todays words:  depths-throw-crow-loss-wispy-sheet-thistle-elder-stalks-crest-sky-tremor

Night to Remember – Night to Forget

fulgent night sky
stone’s throw away
squawk of black crow

dark omen, rumbling noise
unable capture depths of field
distant crest mountain, a tremor

women’s conversation semblance
thistle and celery stalks halts
fear of facing potential loss mounts

hapless, knowing not survival skills
wispy elder flees porch toute-de-suite
indoors grabs oversized satin sheet bizarre, bizarre