Weekend Writing Prompt #249

Prompt:  ‘recipe

Project underway
Temperature afghan half-double crochet

Relaxation napped
Perfect opportunity playful kitten be wrapped

Rows bright hues worsted weight yarn unraveled
Shocked crafter awakens scene kitten disheveled

Fall asleep, game plan analysis
Unquestionable, ‘recipe‘ turns disastrous


Poem-a-Day: Ghazal ~ Fear

Dysfunctional childhood life disguised
Abandonment, worse fear realized

Summer months temperature extremes
Farmers’ crops ruin, worse fear realized

College freshmen choose party nightly
Results mid-terms, worse fear realized

Consequence cell phone constant habits
Battery drained; worse fear realized

Interruptions day’s preparedness
Failure June post, worse fear realized


Dress warm for scenic countryside walk
Quietude nice – listen while I talk

Teacher distressed students’ behavior
Today screams loud – listen while I talk

Bike path crowded town folks like fresh air
Smart pooches cool – listen while I talk

Today’s children non-stop gaming snack
Supper snub mom’s – listen while I talk

Sunday mass attendees irritate
Straight off June’s mode – listen while I talk

The Sunday Whirl No: 539

Overnight freezing rain fell
Cat litter dumpster toss smells

Best shot purchase H2o body warm dress
Short walk local store road conditions mess 

With hesitation proceed walk middle iced peaks
Mounds melting snow similar water main leak

Brief reprieve from off ‘n on overhead vibrating
True facts tenant weekends heard to floor nailing

Unknown device cut chances e’er peaceful night’s sleep
Brushed hair walking zombie self-think methods count sheep






SoCS ~ Feb. 5th

Today’s prompt: ‘page’

Another lonely night
Darkness await daylight

Awake 12:14 a.m.
Sleep pattern amuck again

Freezing rain window taps
Ice storm more winter crap

Insomniac reader golden age
Kindle Reader returns last read page

Immediate response need review
Memory storage bank slightly askew

Decision start over page one far from thrill
Realize neglect learn face progress downhill

Massive amount information intake current time
Awoke find Kindle reader still on page twenty-nine


Comments Welcome

Laugh or cry . . .

Source sheer frustration

Search picture suitable post

‘Toad in hole’ laugh, laugh

Non-exist recipe pics

Egg cooked middle toast words search

Has this ever happened to you? 

Why can’t I find exact pic when I plug in correct words?

Toad in a hole (actual recipe search) resulted in non-stop laughter.