Three Things Challenge #701

Today’s words: dawn – skip – frost

It’s nearing the end of August and the summer months will soon

be behind us.

When we access our weather apps early dawn the temperatures

for the day will have dropped into the 40s, then 30s.

Too soon the frost, the spent flowers followed by unwelcome snow.

I wish I could skip over those winter months – ones I used to enjoy.

There’s something to be said for the adage ‘Too soon we get old’.

Three Things Challenge: #685

Today’s words: injury – most – romantic

For weeks the happy couple anticipated this romantic

evening, a candle-lit dinner at one of the local expensive

5-star restaurants.

Tonight was the night they’d celebrate their first wedding


Young, their faces glowing, enjoying a sparkling champagne

toast painted a most beautiful picture of a loving couple.

Unknown ahead . . .

Within minutes all would soon fade replaced by visions

of foreign gray matter, the beginning of the dinner spoiler.

When appetizers were served the young man was

shocked to see several somewhat strange-looking particles

floating atop his steaming hot bowl of chicken soup.

The couple stared at the foreign ingredient. Those minute

pieces didn’t melt nor sink.

Perhaps he should have taken his wife’s suggestion and ordered

the restaurant’s fresh house garden salad.

Although no injury from what now appeared be referenced

contaminated appetizer the man suddenly experienced

loss of appetite and stated ‘no thanks’ when the waitress

brought the already ordered main course.

Poor smiling waitress met with a short-tempered patron.

‘Oh dear’ were her words as she ran off to the kitchen.

Once notified of the situation, the restaurant owner

acted in a most reputable business manner offering up

an apology plus free meals for the couple’s celebration.

The man suffering from a bout of queasiness decided

to cut the evening short.

What a sour note experience!

How unfortunate carelessness of another is the culprit

to spoil such a beautiful occasion.

Three Things Challenge #407

Today’s words: vision – wonderful – brighten

Several members of Weightwatchers online posted before and after
pictures on the members’ mobile app.

I scrolled the pages, vision after vision of each appeared along with
details of their weight loss journey.

I thought, ‘Wonderful‘.

To brighten my own day, I changed up my personal routine and vowed
not to let aggravations and negativity dampen it either.

Three Things Challenge #401

Today’s words: chest – draw – desk

An early morning routine is checking in to read my favs and search for prompts.

A bit of disappointment today as one of my new hosts decided to take a hiatus.

Sitting at my L-shaped desk looking at the laptop screen I sadly realize tis

back to the drawing board to seek out an interesting topic for replacement

posting on Tuesdays.

I wish I had a chest full of ideas – ones I actually like and wish to write about,

new territory again more times than naught challenges greet throughout year.

Three Things Challenge #396

Today’s words: meal – crisp – baggage

Crisp shredded lettuce
Salad greens evening meal
Baggage wretch’s burden
Birthday number forty-nine
Fifty-one‘s overshadows

Explanation between the lines (one day I (often unfortunate soul) shall write details).

I gave birth to ‘two’ sons born two years apart on the same date nearly to same minute.

Today is their birthday – one lives abroad since 1997 and one resides in Heaven.

The younger of the two turned ’49’ today.

His last visit home was four years and eight months ago

I planned on sending a nice greeting card this morn.

And then . . .

Windows10 wished to update and calamity began when I chose to schedule it

for later.

It took near an hour from my daily schedule to send that greeting card via e-mail.

Talk about perseverance or should rephrase consistent timing equation unfortunate

technology luck.

Three Things Challenge #395

Today’s prompt words: butterfly – colour – scan

The florist didn’t notice my facial expression, a frown, as I strolled thru the once

popular garden shop.

A quick scan left to right and top to bottom gave me the impression the doors

soon would be closed to customers.

It was hard to hide my disappointment from lack of colourful flowers I had

grown so fond of over the years.

Admiring the beautiful picture of a Monarch butterfly hanging on the back

wall, suddenly my eyes filled with tears as my thoughts quickly turned to

this business owner’s future.