Late Life Learning Lessons

Do I stay or do I go?

The question ask – once – twice -thrice

Smile worn –  a detective mask 

A scout in search of viable answers

Unfortunately pen ran out of ink 

Throes levels depression sink

Desires imperative manifest 

Senior Centers gather social places

Manifest Your Desires

In response to:

#3TC – mask – scout – pen

Late Life Learning Lessons

#RDP – go

Late Life Learning Lessons

#FOWC – social

Late Life Learning Lessons





Cold as ice
History teacher’s methods

Monday thru Friday
Daily listen lectures

Exam study textbook
Chapters wee hours night
Teacher’s trickery – not nice

Eighty-five percent questions
Referenced spoken topics
Bland similar bowl unseasoned rice.

In response to:


RDP –  Evanescent

FOWC – History






Senior Dating – Proceed with Caution

Evil lurks strange places
Evil takes on many faces

Accused thou be an overthinker
Listened close to date an alcoholic drinker

Booth sat disbelief watch absolute flirt in action
Surprised him though heard refrain show iota reaction

Although previously heartfelt sparks betwixt us flew
Today’s unadulterated behavior ruin future sad askew

Appeared relationship prospect motivated by own self-interest
Numerous flirtatious words potential love affair thought tumultuous

Constant self-reminder idiom ‘actions speak louder than words’
Man likely wish decent woman dumb when amid player’s world. 

 ~ JAQ

FOWC with Fandango — Cynicism







Savor the Flavor

Enjoyment PM timeout
Cold drink menu scout

Total drive-thru prepare
Thoughtful online share

Newest flavors intro
Chosen application info

Cosmic Cotton Candy
Frozen beverage dandy

Smiling clerk beam
Topping whipped cream

Temperature outdoor soars
Changeover ice liquid straw

Yummie refreshment drink
Sweetness afterthought think.

© 2018 June Quintin

Today's prompt: Liquid Love

Topic Hip-hop

Mornin' awake
Specifics partake

Good intentions
Nature's blessings

Prompts possible fun 
Anxiety fraught begun

Connect post another
Directions follow tougher

Thoughts head corrupt
Write process start 'n stop

Life's dress rehearsal
Preparation role reversal

Birth ultimate happiness
Death overwhelming sadness

Days similarities refrain
Memories constant remain

Continue daily rhyming poem
Discover in-between unknown

Practice trial'n err connection
Pass go hopeful right direction.

© 2018 June Quintin