Fibbing Friday ~ 20th January

Questions and Answers (Fibs)

Q. What is boisterous?
A. Tranquil sloth

Q. What is a womaniser?
A. Femme fatale

Q. What is a faux paux?
A. No-fault divorce

Q. Define plumber.
A. Licensed renegade

Q. What is a sous chef?
A. Slow cooker

Q. What is antisocial?
A. Neighborhood troublemaker

Q. Why did they call the wind Maria?
A. Pronoun choice

Q. Where would you find a kettle drum?
A. Kitchen stovetop

Q. What is a kango drill?
A. Military exercise

Q. What makes bread rise?
A. Baker’s magic

Fibbing Friday ~ 13th January

Q. Why were people given middle names?
A. In case they can’t remember their given name

Q. Why do we cover our mouths when we yawn?
A. To hold back emission of stinky breath

Q. Why do you say ‘Bless You’ when somebody sneezes?
A. Prevent reception of sucker punch due to inappropriate words

Q. Why do we wear a wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand?
A.  Inaccurate placement count left to right then right to left 😂

Q. What was the original use of wind chimes?
A. Another country’s fodder for financial wealth

Q. What were the original purpose of bridesmaids?
A. To be available as substitution for the runaway bride

Q. What is the significance of the first butterfly of the year you see being white?
A. Reason to grab a fly swatter before it eats holes in unstored winter clothes

Q. What does it mean if your right ear itches?
A. Time to fasten those long locks in place

Q. Why is Good Friday a good day to cut your hair?
A. Reduction price offers at local salons

Q. What should you give a friend who gives you a knife as a gift?
A. Special facial treat ~ creme pie topped with Tabasco sauce

Sunday Poser #111

Q. When you reblog/share ~ do you ask permission or inform?
A. During my tenure on Blogosphere, I don’t recall ever doing either. 
If I did, I think I’d ask or inform though ~ take the initiative to practice 
‘Common Courtesy’.
Thoughts and feelings on this:
In today’s world of ‘screenshots’ and ‘screen recording’ one has no idea
what another’s intentions are with regard to a blogger’s content.
Technology allows folk worldwide to interact and personally I refrain from
airing dirty laundry facts since once published it remains on the internet
A few years ago, I remember finding a replica site chock full of numerous
bloggers’ content.
Scrolling the page inclusive was each blogger’s avatar and I for one never
gave anyone permission to transfer my posts. 
An eyeopener and surprise welcome to world of plagiarism.

Truthful Tuesday Nov. 8th

Questions and Answers

1. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
My preference is tea.

2. Considering your choice, do you prefer it hot or cold?
I like my tea hot in the morning with breakfast.
Iced tea is my choice for lunch or any time thereafter.

3. How do you take it (cream, sugar, honey, black, etc)?
I place two tea bags in an oversized mug then add enough milk to make it
on the light side.
No sugar
With a tall glass of iced tea, I like some raspberry flavoring or sliced lemon.
No sugar

4. What is your earliest memory of drinking coffee?
I started drinking coffee at age eighteen when waiting at the downtown
bus terminal for the arrival of my second bus to my first full-time job.
Morning commute was comprised of two buses with a stopover.

5. What is your earliest memory of drinking tea?
I’m not exactly certain; however, I think it may have been during the period I
was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer.

Bonus question:
Do you prefer a single question or a variety on a theme or a mixture of both for the
‘Truthful Tuesday Prompt’?
Me, I like a variety and a mixture is fine since the bonus question a participant always
had the option to answer or disregard altogether.

Throwback Thursday #42 ~ Your Relationship with Money

Questions and Answers: 

Q: At what age do you remember handling your own money?
A: In my mid-teens

Q. Did you have a piggy bank to add coins to?
A. No

Q. Did you get an allowance and/or paid for chores?
A. No

Q. How did you earn money for things you wanted?
A. I bummed money off my friends until I started a PT job junior year of high school.

Q. Did you have jobs outside your house to earn money? What did you do?
A. I was helpful to friends’ parents who were nice enough (invited me for lunch and
included me in activities).

Q. Were you more of a saver or spender as a kid?
A. Neither, since I didn’t have access to cash. 

Q. Were you aware of the financial situation your parents were raising you in?
A. Yes, my father was an alcoholic who saved enough cash to pay bills and drank 
away the remainder of his paycheck. 

Q. Did you know the difference between needs and wants when it came to asking
your parents for things?
A. In my early teens I learned = if I wanted anything other than the bare necessities
of life I’d best head for the corner barroom Friday nights and ask for some cash. It
was a most unpleasurable experience. 

Q. Did you ever ‘save up’ for a special item that you wanted? What was it? 
A. I used to paste green stamps in books and go to the redemption store where I
found a few items (globe – toaster – horseshoe lamp). 

Q. Did you have a savings account as a child?
A. No, heck I was stopped from charging a ‘one-penny’ Bazooka bubble gum at the 
grocery store that delivered the standing order of canned goods weekly.

Q. Was there anything you routinely spent your own money on when growing up?
A. Once I became a part-time employee, I’d order a vanilla frappe and 3 jelly donuts
for breakfast at the local variety store Monday thru Friday.

Scrolling up I view the truth of a dysfunctional childhood (no sugar-coating). 

Being poor is far from the norm as you are bullied and ridiculed even if you are a
smart ‘Go to the Head of the Class’ student. 

Share Your World ~ June 6th 2022

This week’s questions:

1. When you were a kid did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not?
Ans: Yes, I ate ‘ALL’ parts without fuss.
2. Are you a fan of musicals __why or why not?
Ans: No interest whatsoever – preferred the movies. The Lion King and Les Miserables
would have been good choices.
3. Is it difficult to do what you do (for a living, hobby, etc.)? If you’re retired, what you
‘did’ previously for a job can be substituted.
Ans: No, I loved my job as bookkeeper with accountant’s duties. It was a great feeling
at the end of a day, week, month or year when all figures balanced.
4. What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to (doesn’t have to be a rock concert either)?
Ans: To date I still enjoy the local ‘free’ summer concerts and years ago I was blessed
to be able to watch my children perform in their school concerts. I won tickets to see
‘Chicago’ live and gave them to a relative.

Babies: Web Search Results

Yesterday I read a blog post written ’bout one of the five stages of grief,
I placed a like on the post, refrained from comment as I sat and reflected
on my own life’s hardships.

The question: ‘How many children do you have?’ asked in person, answer
required on resumes and employment applications, questionnaires, etc.
I’ve always found a bit baffling with response.

I wanted to know the correct reply, so this morn was off to Google search.
In record time I found:

A stillbirth doesn’t count as there is no birth certificate. Although I
was pregnant four times and delivered four children, I should answer the
question asked above with the number ‘three’. I understand the
concept only to actually respond void of one seems like an insult to

On a positive note, I discovered I gave birth to three different categories
of babies.

The descriptive adjectives all revolve around the brother who never
breathed outside the womb.

1. My daughter, forever 28, is considered a ‘sunshine’ baby, a child born
before the loss.
2. My son, born on the exact same date as his brother near exact to the
minute, two years later is referred to a as a ‘rainbow’ baby, the symbol
of renewal and hope.
3. Last is the ‘angel’ baby, the stillbirth – stillborn. 

Child number four born late in life I’ve always made reference to as
my ‘surprise package’.


I’m perturbed as no idea how my text turned red without my hitting the
color tab.

I think I’ll chuckle, hit the publish button and see what happens. 😊🤣

Sunday Poser #69

Topic:  ‘hoarding
Do you hoard or collect things so that you don’t run out of them?
And if you do and later on find that you don’t need them after all,
what do you do with them?

Until recent times I’d have to answer ‘no‘ since I don’t consider
stocking up on everyday items, especially due to harsh winters,
a problem known in today’s world as ‘hoarding‘.

The chest freezer was full; the panty had a sufficient food supply
and in some cabinets could be found some ‘just in case’ items.
I don’t recollect excess storage of any one item other than fabric
or yarn purchased on sale.
Organization was great – all items had a set place with room for
limited expansion.

Fast forward ~ comparison:
During the last decade, divorced and suffering from severe anxiety
combined with chronic depression thanks to nasty circumstances,
I started not to care about my surroundings.

A new attitude:
‘I’ll get around to it tomorrow’ turned my life upside down again.
True ’twas impossible to stuff one’s belongings from an actual
3BR house into a one-bedroom apartment’. Reality is there wasn’t
enough room and thus started the problem.

My child tried to convince me that what I was surrounded by was
considered clean clutter.

Mind you years prior I’d donated items to two local senior centers,
sold clothing at a consignment store, given away perfectly good
stuff to acquaintances and sold items on my eBay store.

As I have no individual who desires any of my hand-me downs,
I opted to hire a cleaning professional. As luck would have it the
Pandemic reared its ugly head and thus a postponement of much
needed assistance.

One day a wakeup call and no choice other than take a risk with
masks worn.
With kitchen, living room and bathroom near complete along
came variant Omicron – another delay.

It’s a daily battle to abstain from idea ‘leave it for tomorrow’.

I’ll be thankful when this process is finalized and believe me I have
no desire to return to the scenario I allowed the creation thereof.
I hadn’t reached the 1st level when I realized I had no choice than
ask for help. Me, myself and I couldn’t handle the work.

The saddest lesson I’ve learned in life is ‘never expect anything
from anyone’ in spite of how good you treated them thru the

For those of you who have no idea, there are 5 levels of hoarding
and the internet has a wealth of information to educate oneself
with regard to this topic.

Fibbing Friday ~ February 25th

questions asked ~ fibs for answers

In the world of international finance, what do the abbreviations
USD and GBP stand for?
Answer: universal savings data ~ global balance payouts 

What exactly is cryptocurrency?
a variable of printed cash

What is the difference between stocks and bonds?
Answer: financial risks and returns

What is meant by a ‘bull’ market?
Answer: reservation for Zodiac ‘Taurus’ buyers

What is meant by a ‘bear’ market?
space prerequisite uncouth traders

What is a stock split?
Answer:  investors’ temporary gain

What exactly is crowdfunding?
Answer:  gathering of professional money-makers

What is a pension?
Answer: rare private sector plan

What is a 401(k)?
Answer:  secret to success

What is day trading?
  a day’s speculation

Sunday Poser #65

Today’s prompt deals with the topic of advertisements.

Announcements ~ usually via appearance entice people

to make purchases.

With age comes wisdom and I’ve learned tis best to

conduct research of certain items prior to purchase.

Don’t be shy ~ ask questions.

There’s no harm ~ remember adage, ‘never judge a book by its

cover’ as products which appear to be great deals often result in

major disappointments.

A frugal gal, I stick to my old favorites.

Whenever there’s need for a brand-new item I ask others

for their opinions and look to Google for pros and cons,

the process of comparison shopping.

TV ~ I cancelled it three months ago due to high price and

lack of quality show selections.

Believe me this decision was made 100 percent tougher when

dealing with the customer service representatives as it appears

they are trained to sell upgrades and frown on downgrades.

As for social media I may view an advertisement; however, I know

it’s wiser to make my own personal decision based on actual need

rather than be coerced especially to people-please another person.