Light Bulb Moment

Smorgasbord reads

Diversification topics
Majority chock full positivity

Working betwixt laptop and cell phone
Personal perception time passed unknown

Felt tad guilty when checked clock
Retired do whatever wish mental block

Hours 12:00 a.m. thru 6:00 a.m.
Minutes slowly pass snail’s pace
Daylight hours clock revs up Nascar race

Fresh smell the roses persona attitude
Free to face world’s daily trite platitudes

Desire ne’er become stick-in-the-mud
Tulip blooms abundance thankfulness squad

In response to:

FOWC – epiphany 

Light Bulb Moment

RDP – perception

Light Bulb Moment

Three Things Challenge – tulip – free – mud

Light Bulb Moment






Personal Challenge – Long Overdue

Search for item
Where’s at – missing

Challenge take
Clutter – gal hates
DIY – slow progress rate

Crib – reference 1BR apartment
Ten years living space muddle
Re-organization face – tired untidy state

clutter quote


RDP – annoying

FOWC – progress

Three Things Challenge – muddle – crib – tidy 

Personal Challenge – Long Overdue

Personal Challenge – Long Overdue

Personal Challenge – Long Overdue




Cold as ice
History teacher’s methods

Monday thru Friday
Daily listen lectures

Exam study textbook
Chapters wee hours night
Teacher’s trickery – not nice

Eighty-five percent questions
Referenced spoken topics
Bland similar bowl unseasoned rice.

In response to:


RDP –  Evanescent

FOWC – History






RDP Monday: Aromatic

Today’s prompt: aromatic

Certain there must be a valid reason for the aromatic skunk odor of Cannabis.

My residence, an apartment complex, borders a huge park with some wild animals.

It appears I was a bit naïve.

First night I walked into the kitchen and phew – aromatic skunk smell near choked me.

No problem since skunk odor carries for miles.

I wondered if the unpleasant odor of a skunk close-by had seeped thru opened


The second evening a repeat performance – the beginning of aromatic skunk

permeating throughout the building.

It’s legal here.

That same weekend standing in the checkout line at a local store – more skunk odor.

One clerk stated a skunk must be close by – the other stated NO a person smelling of

weed entered the store.

Oh wonderful! Skunk perfume / skunk cologne.

Thought to self:

Heaven forbid an actual real live skunk gets too close and you think it’s that

aromatic weed smell.

RDP Monday: Aromatic

A Great Pretender – Friend or Foe

I believe the majority of we bloggers have our favs.
We return daily to their page and support their ideas.
I saw your post early this morn – the word CHICANERY shouted out.
If you’ve ever been the victim of deceptive stratagem you learn how to distrust.
Those who practice to deceive don’t always look the part nor will change colors.
Thus the idiom: Snake in the Grass
Above is my ‘interpretation’ of your prompt – sometimes friends are mere fakes.

A Great Pretender – Friend or Foe

RDP Monday: Jumble

Chaotic rooms

Environment jumble

Disorganized mess

Untidy collections

Importance address

Facial scowl

Necessary limit

Choose one-a-day

Clearance jumble