Budgeting Time

Taking time away from blogging has been beneficial.

Thru what to me seems like a reading marathon I learned
it was okay to be on this vacation of sorts.

I’m thankful for the Libby app where I can read both books
and magazines for free.

My chosen selections ranged from thrillers to spiritual and
winded down with a short story collection about ordinary

Frequenting social media (sites I prefer and like) I reconnected
with nature.

I look forward to my daily check-ins on two fav chipmunks plus
chirping birds found on Instagram and YouTube.

Similar to meditation learned from the Calm app, I discovered
the benefits of watching my chosen critters each day.

Viewing short clips and videos of these critters and special
moments taped throughout their days reduced my level of stress.

Podcasts became a new interest of mine and crazy as it may seem
to others I followed the cheating scandal that evolved on a popular
reality show.

To sum this post up I can honestly say if a person takes the time to
appreciate whatever appears before them they’ll never experience
a deficit in topics to write about.

Humor – letter to me

While reading my last chosen book for the 2021 Goodreads

challenge I did many suggested workbook exercises.

Reality: ‘All the questions & answers, all the lists, all the

drawings and the letters to myself were ‘beneficial’.

I had to be 100 percent onboard and honest to feel

the gain/reward.

Random page from my journal ‘Happy Thoughts’

contains a letter I wrote to my body. It’s soo much

better to feel good about yourself.

The day I wrote the following I had a good laugh.

Dear Body,

You are old and tired now.

I remember when I used to take better care of you.

What happened? Life! Ageism. Depression.

Although I make honest efforts to forge ahead,

re-starting an exercise regimen combined with

healthy eating I doubt I’m going to approve of

the image in the mirror.

Wear a bikini (heck no) related thought = dread.

The stomach of this body carried four children on

the inside and I have a ‘roadmap’ to nowhere for

proof on the outside.

True, I’m unique and special – look at the previous

exercise, a long list of hobbies I tried throughout

my life and all the accomplishments.

Truth is: ‘I don’t like being old’; however, I’ll continue

my ‘old in years – young at heart’ portrayal.

I pray I can keep a positive mindset – one day at

a time future.

‘It’s okay to love myself and demand respect’ even

when the mirror image is a bit bothersome and tad


This journal entry portrays mixed emotions.

One has to put themself in a good frame of

mind and enjoy today’s journey at whatever

stage of life.

To compare oneself to the younger generation

is a waste of time since the biological clock

moves in one direction, forward.


During December I devoted much time to become

acquainted with myself.

The process wasn’t always easy since I had to admit

my own misgivings and learn how to handle often

awkward situations.

The book I’d chosen was on the Kindle (one I’d have

to return upon completion) and to highlight info

wouldn’t have been feasible plus no archived record

of exercises completed (lists, answers and drawings).

Ah, I opted for a new ‘Happy Thoughts’ journal and

thankful for the additional expense.

New Year’s Day I submitted a 5-star review on the

Goodreads site as I’d participated in the 2021 book

reading challenge.

As luck would have it when I hit the square to post

I received a near blank page telling me ‘an error had


Although I admit this was an annoyance I handled

the situation well. Thankfully the site allowed me to

print out what I’d written. Phew!

It’s much easier to retype work than rewrite it. I

left the computer and chuckled to myself about

starting off year 2022 with a technological glitch.

I perceived what happened that morning with a

healthy attitude.

Yeah me!

Sensationalism Sells Newspapers

Years ago I enrolled in a nightly Journalism course offered by my area’s local


Two editors – two classes – one night each week – seeking freelance writers

This wasn’t my first nor last class in Journalism; however, it was the cheapest

one – price ‘FREE’. I learned a lot about how sensationalism sells newspapers.

Today amidst the world of high tech each morning people worldwide are able

to access the internet and with a click of their mouse select articles to read or

second option trash.

Since blogging my vocabulary increased tenfold as daily new words appear

before my eyes, words never seen before.

Today’s word of the day was ‘endemic’.

As one can spend endless hours utilizing their computer then walk away in

sheer frustration, I carefully pick and choose what to read based on article


I then scan the paragraphs since the majority of journalists take forever to

make a point.

Sadly, the newest vocabulary word spoken by my country’s highest paid

Federal employee didn’t exactly leave me with an optimistic impression.

Endemic defines as a state of existence where the population faces living forever

with a virus circulating at low levels while only on occasion causing severe illness.

In a different news article I read the FDA’s (Federal Drug Administration’s)

statement how the country’s health status by early June will have changed

dramatically BETTER.

There are times I feel simillar to a high school student seeking facts – info for

a long-term assignment.

If you are in my age category you’ll remember usage of index cards,

hand-written notes.

Tis much easier now surfing on your computer screen until if lucky you find the

correct hyperlinks or YouTube videos.

I wonder what portion of the country knows who is listed as the highest paid

Federal employee.

Shocking, his last stated salary in year 2019 was $18K more than the President.

Interesting information.

As with politics I shall keep my personal feelings to myself as I deem it unwise

to share neither negative opinions nor feelings.

All That’s Left is Memories

Days Autumn’s beauty
Documents shredded dreams gone
Don’t compare your life
Decisions circumstances
Dark-side depression abate

I should be preparing dinner rather I chose to read few fellow bloggers’ posts.
My chosen reads triggered nostalgic memories.
Oh, those intrusive thoughts!!

Autumn’s extremely colorful fall foliage
Columbus Day weekend’s 4-day camping vacation each year
Breath-taking views amidst the White Mountains
Days full abundance sunshine followed by cool, crisp starry nights

A song from the year I walked down the aisle
Thoughts of forever love
Appreciate the one who loves you and does her best to please you

Encompassed lonely feeling difficult to escape these days / nights

Last an acrostic poem ’bout what we in states call jelly doughnuts
Teen years – consuming three of them plus a vanilla frappe before class

The power of words!!

Truthful Tuesday – September 15th 2020

Today’s questions: Do you have a favorite author? If so, who and why? If not, why not?

Throughout life I’ve had a few favorites – authors I’ve read more than one of their books.

Presently I am somewhat of a smorgasbord reader – pick and choose type by actual

topical interest.

The past few years I’ve donated many of the books I read to two different area local

senior centers.

I rarely read a book twice unless it’s a textbook with highlighted portions beneficial

to my hobbies or writing.

My preference in genres has been mostly non-fiction as I try to live within the

world of reality.

An actual book in hand is how I like to read versus the tablet with its’ constant

flip of pages from accidental finger touches.

I refer to myself as old-school in so many categories – learn the changes since tis

imperative only dislike them immensely.

Adventures, Bible, children’s books (read many to my own children), crime stories,

educational, medical, mysteries, psychological, romance, self-help books

and manuals plus required textbooks pretty much sums up my

reading experience during my tenure of life.


Beautiful Haven of Books

Hometown library – a beauty
Days pass – visitors miss thee

The small women’s book club
Meeting of the friends’ circle

Kindle readers ‘n tablets okay
Prefer select reads old-fashion way

Search catalog – locate desired aisle section
Left to right eyes seek n’find numerical selection

Be e’er so happy life normalcy return
Distance two blocks walk find fun reads ‘n learn

Author - Book - Edits - Purchase (2)

An Avid Bookworm – Poem

Times referred to as nerds
Majority educated voices heard

Years recent active senior retiree
Hobbies writing ‘n  reading devotee

Lifetime dedicated consistent learner
Creative seamstress finance bookkeeper

Often alone thanks to empty nest syndrome
Fondness reading page turner substitute chum.

© 2019 June Quintin









Reading Preference Overload

Library’s shelves collections books
Categorized genres ‘n sub-groups look

Altogether undecided plagued lack of time
Literary selections numerous second floor stairs climb

Thankful for freedom browse experience
Suggested book club reads usable influence

Sudden nostalgia checking out choices library’s front desk
Days teen’s summer reading requirement list quite modest

Gone forever days high school friends ‘n honor role plateau
Persistence choosing game eenie meenie miney moe sans nouveau.

© 2019 June Quintin