An Icon of the 80s – Pac-man

This morn for fun I attempted to research a game my son, a computer geek, managed

to get me hooked on. 

Years ago this woman with children played the Japanese arcade game released back 

in the 80s until wee hours of the morn.

I digress.

Fast forward life to year 2020 and newfound self-awareness.

At a different chapter of life a.k.a. last chapter I find tis in my own best interests

to implement some social media changes. 

Similar to Pac-man who travelled the maze trying to eat dots while avoiding mean

ghosts, I feel the need to purge – disconnect from fake friends on FB and WP followers

who don’t follow their own written words with regards to guidelines and friendships. 

Time is precious and I prefer to share it amidst sincere folk whom I can count on

to be there in both good and bad times.

Prioritization 101.

I’ve made my list of those nice bloggers with whom I interact either daily or weekly. 

They are my virtual friends and  I sincerely hope to continue the friendships until either 

they or I decide to quit this process of the written word.

Okay, tis time to munch away!











Writing Prompt – Unraveling Steel Threads

Mornin' tea
Sentimental journey

Mouse point land click
Articles 'bout soldier's sadness

Tears stream down face
Marriage in trouble soldier's heartache

Nerves of steel threads endurance unravels
Thousands miles home 'n abroad he travels

Lovebirds cautious knowledge time apart be tough
Marriage intact decision ride out extra miles rough

Friend 'n fellow blogger's post story end happiness
Accidental mouse click screen view biblical passages 

Self-think Lord's timing good send important messages
Subsequent forgiveness potential future solid relationship

Many times heard good cry beneficial one's soul
Amount tears shed this morn possible fill cereal bowl

Comparable dual duty thread strong 'n abrasion resistance
Marriages couples apart continual shower each love persistence.

© ~ JAQ

August Writing Prompts





Writing Prompt Day 14: Writing Weirdos

Chosen photo
Image description fore'er me
Emotional prison n'er be escapee

Creative hobby
Free 30-day challenge media born
Thankful attendee gal sad 'n forlorn

Years therapy
Professional expensive
Discover penned words curb feelings apprehensive 

Writing whenever
Trail thoughts flow
Newfound places self go

Poetic preference
ABC, Acrostic, Haiku, Tanka
Rhyming ends this portion "Thank Ya".


Literary formats
Contributors various
Hermit-like thru gregarious  

Fluent linguistics.

© 2019 June Quintin

July 2019 Writing Prompts

Unforeseen Makeup Malfunction

Invited guest
Graduation fest
Happenstance next
Total hilarious best

Standard morning routine
Makeup matching skin tone
Dab white here dab white there
Yikes recognition self nowhere 

Regain composure careful thought
Apartment temperature quite hot
Globs makeup flow from tube color white
Normal blends skin color medium hue light

Member Caucasian race
Mirror reflection scary face
Mime stares back at me
Unusual reaction unimaginable foresee

Thankful recent purchase extra makeup
Who'd thought heat create ingredients break-up
Bottle versus tube lesson product guarantee
Natural look anti-aging return correct shade Whoopee!

© 2019 June Quintin



The Masque Worn – Color Rouge

Pain within ne’er show
Secrets kept ne’er share
Acceptance burden carry
Pursue similar versus shun
Dislike living life this manner
Follow different path find happiness.

Parent maternal an agoraphobic
Parent paternal an alcoholic

Talk about a dysfunctional childhood
Time spent parenting my own parents

Rarely compare
Discriminate ne’er

Person wear rouge masque
Undertook huge task

Decipher right from wrong
Education mental health lifelong.

© 2019 June Quintin



Life’s Seasons

Diamonds and Pearls
Cash and Kings
Youth's wonderful dreams

So tired
Newest favorite words
Goals attained left state bedlam

Twists 'n turns
Too early - too late
Soon fear no longer give a damn

Today's world rules total change
Genuine humans frequently bypassed 
Time indulge scoops waffle cone ice cream. 

© 2019 June Quintin