Three Things Challenge #394

Today’s words: cherub – paper – true

Cherub – one
Cherub – two

Children innocent
God-awful predicament

Reminisce ’bout good times
Constant pangs of grief come

Multitude intrusive thoughts
True facts – no way memory block

Audacity present adult conversations
Disbelief person use paper gifted admission

Stationary, envelopes ‘n postage stamps
Sender ne’er e’er become letter recipient

Light Bulb Moment

Smorgasbord reads

Diversification topics
Majority chock full positivity

Working betwixt laptop and cell phone
Personal perception time passed unknown

Felt tad guilty when checked clock
Retired do whatever wish mental block

Hours 12:00 a.m. thru 6:00 a.m.
Minutes slowly pass snail’s pace
Daylight hours clock revs up Nascar race

Fresh smell the roses persona attitude
Free to face world’s daily trite platitudes

Desire ne’er become stick-in-the-mud
Tulip blooms abundance thankfulness squad

In response to:

FOWC – epiphany 

Light Bulb Moment

RDP – perception

Light Bulb Moment

Three Things Challenge – tulip – free – mud

Light Bulb Moment






JusJoJan Day No: 19

Today’s prompt:  Gobbledygook

Scan computer screen
Quick look word seen
Time take another look
Actual prompt – ‘Gobbledygook’
Definitely a word since no red underline
Time access dictionary unknown need define
Love the synonyms think nonsense written lots times
For literary fun chose break down first view
Googled – topical searches – old and current news
D – fourth letter English alphabet, a consonant
Thus far newfound made up word brilliant
Until and then those last four letters
Honest wish description read much better
Gook – a dumb, stupid moron
Time for lunch -this note ending post Sunday morning

JusJoJan Day No: 19



Three Things Challenge: #42

alarm - haunting - shock

Found true best friend
Whenever down could depend
Treated me utmost respect
Relationship betwixt platonic
Whene'er visited cemetery
Daughter's grave check for me
Coffee dates - delicious meals
Shopping trips scenic drives automobile
Finally found long-awaited red-hair love
A shock prior holidays admission thereof
Future ahead no person can foretell
Change dynamics wished him well
Received the occasional phone call
Friends check on friends after all
Near month hadn't heard from him
Last night dinner time news grim
Updated me past month's events
Doubtful pain ahead can prevent
Closing conversation remarks
Haunting words journey embark.

Three Things Challenge: #42


Writing Prompt – Unraveling Steel Threads

Mornin' tea
Sentimental journey

Mouse point land click
Articles 'bout soldier's sadness

Tears stream down face
Marriage in trouble soldier's heartache

Nerves of steel threads endurance unravels
Thousands miles home 'n abroad he travels

Lovebirds cautious knowledge time apart be tough
Marriage intact decision ride out extra miles rough

Friend 'n fellow blogger's post story end happiness
Accidental mouse click screen view biblical passages 

Self-think Lord's timing good send important messages
Subsequent forgiveness potential future solid relationship

Many times heard good cry beneficial one's soul
Amount tears shed this morn possible fill cereal bowl

Comparable dual duty thread strong 'n abrasion resistance
Marriages couples apart continual shower each love persistence.

© ~ JAQ

August Writing Prompts





An Avid Bookworm – Poem

Times referred to as nerds
Majority educated voices heard

Years recent active senior retiree
Hobbies writing ‘n  reading devotee

Lifetime dedicated consistent learner
Creative seamstress finance bookkeeper

Often alone thanks to empty nest syndrome
Fondness reading page turner substitute chum.

© 2019 June Quintin