During December I devoted much time to become

acquainted with myself.

The process wasn’t always easy since I had to admit

my own misgivings and learn how to handle often

awkward situations.

The book I’d chosen was on the Kindle (one I’d have

to return upon completion) and to highlight info

wouldn’t have been feasible plus no archived record

of exercises completed (lists, answers and drawings).

Ah, I opted for a new ‘Happy Thoughts’ journal and

thankful for the additional expense.

New Year’s Day I submitted a 5-star review on the

Goodreads site as I’d participated in the 2021 book

reading challenge.

As luck would have it when I hit the square to post

I received a near blank page telling me ‘an error had


Although I admit this was an annoyance I handled

the situation well. Thankfully the site allowed me to

print out what I’d written. Phew!

It’s much easier to retype work than rewrite it. I

left the computer and chuckled to myself about

starting off year 2022 with a technological glitch.

I perceived what happened that morning with a

healthy attitude.

Yeah me!

Little Birdie Told Me ~ Article Showed Me

Bluebird happiness
Atop sugar canister 
Rare pick up cover
Added sugar ne’er bother
Place teaspoons sweeten tea
Nor found inside hot nor iced coffee

Sugar intake became best friend when
Alone at night bowl ice cream consume
Result gain back portion pounds took months lose
Anew today start over again – say farewell ‘good-bye’
Favorite culprit replacement cut-up healthy snacks
Sad shame bad habits haunt resurface find their way back.




Laughter – Good Therapy

Laughter therapy absolute humorous
Usages health improvement numerous

Start day's personal laughter journey
Internet search robotic images convey

Awesome cute green software installer
Tablet's extraterrestrial update caller

Uncertain description alien creature
Comparison cartoonlike screen features

Perhaps another galaxy's animated form
Version persona robot versus sci-fi alien

Half hour scrolling pages n'er locate PC nerd
Joyful sounds laughter human's mouth heard

Little guy sportin' smile 'n working antennae
Over abundance space friends laptop pixel panacea

Species space marine emoticons hilarious comedy
Instantaneous cure human emotional stress da day

Facilitator overall health 'n wellness laughter
Favorite several pages day's reference thereafter.

© 2018 June Quintin 

Creativity Good Therapy

Life continuance self-improve
Download 30-day challenge to do

Dozen pages read twice over
Easy no expectation rule pass over

Personal scare stepping out comfort zone
Small achievements note boundaries unknown

Creative literary arts
Poetic genre writer embarks

Beauty thru expression
Rhyming in progression

Prior hobbies quilting 'n sewing
O'er Pinterest window shop gal going 

Search cute ideas feminine 2018 bucket list
'Hobbies Happy' ideas naught 'bout e'er resist

Adhere challenges check 'n track progress
Re-evaluate 30 days 'no complain' idea I digress.

© 2018 June Quintin