What Day Is It Anyway? Monday May 4th 2020

Today was one of those days gal awakened on the late side.

The norm for this retiree in recent times has been to access the laptop for a short

period following taking my thyroid medication and required 8 ounces of 

water on an empty stomach.

I don’t bother to read all the hyped media articles rather I check for newly

posted reads within my hometown (town I reside in) groups on Facebook.

New post:

My state’s governor has ‘mandated’ wearing facial masks beginning May 6th or

face a fine of $300 for first offense.

This post created quite a stir of comments ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of why now. 

The following comment led to some chuckles from members – it made perfect sense.

“Forcing people to wear masks 2 months into a Pandemic is like putting on a

condom after she’s pregnant.”

Phone rang – my daily reassurance ‘check if I’m okay’ call.

Before I had time to prep some breakfast another phone call from a man I dated

for a few years on a platonic basis.

Ah,  more chit-chat about the world crisis from a mature individual who collects


Needless to say I got a late start on my ‘to do’ list.

The third call of the day was from my son who resides overseas. 

I love his upbeat ‘optimistic’ calls then wonder if I’ll ever see him face-to-face


Nearing dinner time I doubt I’ll finish all those tasks and have to add them to

tomorrow’s list. 

Along with the setting sun comes the feeling of loneliness again.

So many people complain and me well I think how nice it would be to have

another person to dine with and share intelligent conversation across the

dinner table.

At my age with the world upside down I resigned myself to the fact the likelihood

of a new companion is out of the future’s picture.

Now tis time for me to move along and update my reading progress over at Goodreads.

Hoping with tomorrow I’ll find poetic desire – today it was lost somewhere between

the phone calls for which I’m thankful.

What Day Is It Anyway? Monday May 4th 2020








Stream of Consciousness Saturday – “Where” – Sitting Alone

Where do I begin
Older divorcee wish fit in
Joiner numerous senior groups
Friendly new acquaintance maker
Wisher for a place to hide
Whenever others speak of their wonderful lives
I know what it’s like to have-it-all for decades
Follow was death – deceit – divorce newfound fears
Combatted feelings best I could in spite of heightened anxiety
Imperative time make final preparations should become ill
Desire options available old gal wind up place other than nowhere.


NOTE: This post is part of SoCS 

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 10/19









An Avid Bookworm – Poem

Times referred to as nerds
Majority educated voices heard

Years recent active senior retiree
Hobbies writing ‘n  reading devotee

Lifetime dedicated consistent learner
Creative seamstress finance bookkeeper

Often alone thanks to empty nest syndrome
Fondness reading page turner substitute chum.

© 2019 June Quintin









Can You Find Me?

Hello Y’all . . .

It’s been awhile!

Unfortunately the desire to continue my writing hobby came to a screeching halt one third way thru the November writing challenge.

Fifty thousand words seemed like a breeze until the daily commitment of even the average word count became a chore.

I vowed not to feel bad about the incompletion of the project and keep a positive attitude. It was a learning experience for me. I dislike writing fiction. The real world is where I shall reside forever.

Can you find me in the picture?

I’m the birdie looking back rather than forward. Why? Life dealt me many harsh blows during the past three decades.  Lots of major issues to process.

Wow, did I learn lessons about human behavior. You never really knows what’s in another’s mind. It’s like everyone is a stranger in disguise.

Death, divorce and deceit – a triple ‘D’ deal to process. It seemed as though I was walking thru a personal hell in order to get to the other side.

Although I started my blog for therapeutic reasons, I rarely discuss personal details. Why? Few would truly care and others love to plain gossip and embellish another’s unfortunate circumstances.

By the grace of the Lord I managed to survive thus far. Another challenge awaits me. The last chapter of my life – surviving alone.

When you are young it’s much easier to find or replace a partner due to death or divorce. The inventory is rather sparse for a senior citizen and with each birthday the possibility seems somewhat dimmer.

Dating sites are overpopulated with men who misrepresent themselves in numerous ways. They write or say what women wish to hear then like snakes turn on the decent ones.

I lived it. I’d rather keep my dignity and dine with my female acquaintances or family members than pay for my meals via offering up a ‘yes’ answer to a man’s request for that three-letter word ~ sex.

Today’s world certainly has become quite difficult for the genuine woman. Entering into a new normal relationship appears non-existent unless the Lord blesses me with a miracle.

Dare I refer to existence and new attitude as a ‘farce’? I think I shall do that in a quick acrostic poem.

F riendly smile
lways wondering
acing against time day ‘n night
ontinually maintaining semblance normalcy
mbracing new tech state of affairs wholeheartedly

© 2019 June Quintin









Callipygian Curves

Diligent search new vocabulary word
Laughter follow surround walls heard

Ponder thoughts whate'er fragile older gal
Possible write 'bout synonymous Barbie doll

Earlier years prior senior category age
Description self no problem fill entire page

Remembrance period follow first child's birth
Perfect inch measurements sewing patterns girth

Stored memories dating back personal teenage years
Safety pins necessary not lose skirts 'n slacks wear

Thanks hula-hoop fun plus dance craze 'The Twist'
Keepers waistline thin majority clothing perfect fit

'60s relate fine prompt 'Callipygian curves'Callipygian Curves define
Memory lane humorous fun preferable o'er regrets whine.

© 2018 June Quintin

Mind Reset

Aging test
Words best

Festive learn
Forgetful churn

Words unheard
Reader concurs

Dictionaries use
Definitions muse

Notes taken
Avoid mistaken

Paper clutter
Desktop what're

Problem solver
Purchase blogger

Shop Walmart
Placement cart

Journal nice
Discern price

Top shelf
Treat self

Walk aisles
Watchful eye

Colorful ink
Think pink

Grammar lover
Early discover

Writing hobby
Enjoyable therapy

Tomorrow embark
Vocabulary question-mark.

© 2018 June Quintin


Today's prompt be rather powerful
Incorporate boundary personal world

By virtue of 'crystal clear consolations'
Utterance loved one's excellent affirmations

Ruination overshadow beautiful yesterdays
Flat refusal further down road opportunities

Declutter, eradicate concentrated visionaries
Exterminate, destruct overwhelming memories 

Comfort knowledge retain persona self-respect
Mixed feelings admission degree be lowlife met

Written off friendship forevermore non-exist
Categorize in perpetuity non-entity persists.

© 2018 June Quintin

Writing prompt: crystal clear consolations


Important To Be Patient

Feeling downhearted characteristics Cinderella
Arrival residence prior midnight void special fella

New age dating process both tiresome 'n problematic
Actual commitment suggest phobia phone sudden static

Surrounded painted walls familiar closed in feelings
Busyness throughout days await cell's notation rings

Certain negative hot pursuit one's hard-earned assets
Preference quality time shared available preset tactics

Doubtful be genuine unique today's world actual works
Opposite sex appears via own description bit berserk

Listen stories prospective potential partners tell
Dishonesty gut instinct grave importance heed call

Smoke or drink excess frown deal breakers first
Conversation topics morbid or ailments auto-burst

Liar, liar pants on fire no doubt leave true blue
Lie me once not about dumb enough again believe you

Dismiss consideration e'er acceptance delusional
Remain single status actual versus settle bamboozle

Steadfast self-reliant woman prevail await knight
Chivalrous still going strong rescuer be Mr. Right. 

© 2018 June Quintin


Write post actual
Yes, quite factual

Necessary rephrase
Life's Golden years phase

Friendships two types
Besties versus fake hypes

Like me - love me - welcome fine
Otherwise fast forward disloyal line

Ms. Goodie-two Shoes' wondrous award
Survive hell hole void family rewards

Darkness of light quiet intend remain
Peaceful participant de-stress reframe

Saying 'Good-bye' to all deem fake
Prayers continue Lord more morns awake.

© 2018 June Quintin