An Icon of the 80s – Pac-man

This morn for fun I attempted to research a game my son, a computer geek, managed

to get me hooked on. 

Years ago this woman with children played the Japanese arcade game released back 

in the 80s until wee hours of the morn.

I digress.

Fast forward life to year 2020 and newfound self-awareness.

At a different chapter of life a.k.a. last chapter I find tis in my own best interests

to implement some social media changes. 

Similar to Pac-man who travelled the maze trying to eat dots while avoiding mean

ghosts, I feel the need to purge – disconnect from fake friends on FB and WP followers

who don’t follow their own written words with regards to guidelines and friendships. 

Time is precious and I prefer to share it amidst sincere folk whom I can count on

to be there in both good and bad times.

Prioritization 101.

I’ve made my list of those nice bloggers with whom I interact either daily or weekly. 

They are my virtual friends and  I sincerely hope to continue the friendships until either 

they or I decide to quit this process of the written word.

Okay, tis time to munch away!











SoCS February 8th 2020

Today’s prompt:  pack or unpack

I view the words and moving comes to mind – a non-reality for me.


I don’t know how ‘to lie’.

Values instilled from youth passed onto my children backfired again.

I took the time to fill out the forms and told the damn truth.

For what?

Paperwork stamp ‘rejected’ – reason: income above guideline cap.


It seems a slight increase to my fixed income placed me in the category of non-eligible

for any form of assistance.

Taken away from me my $16.00 per month in food stamps along with my fuel 


Each time I tried to get onboard with regard to employment – I wasn’t poor 

enough for the programs. 


The system stinks if you are an honest person with a conscience.

Months after my housing application was filed away I learned the income guideline

had increased by thousands and my fixed income now fell far below.

Funny I never read of this change and an internet search proved fruitless.

I’ve questioned a few as to when the cap was raised only to date no answers.

So I re-applied and wait and pray moving day arrives before my expiration date. 

In awe I sit – wonder – trying to ‘unpack‘ my suitcase of unmentionable thoughts.

To date I’ve lived with hope and faith in humans only recently have come to the

realization: “never expect others to act in the same mannerisms as you”.

Thus this people-pleaser made the decision to pack it in and change over from nice  

to not-nice = a self-help process that teaches one to be real while still remaining 

an honest and truthful person.

Tis official it’s fine to  pack the right to speak up rather than remain quiet and

suffer in silence into my backpack.

A new attitude – good intentions – process of deletion of all negatives – doable. 

SoCS February 8th 2020






Three Things Challenge No: 117

Today's words: story - popular - strike

Empty Nest Syndrome story
Two sides this chapter life
Wonderful time alone do whatever
Weather forecast deep freeze snow
Love to sit home write popular piece
Weather temps overnight freeze then snow
Supermarket demands dress warm cold feet
Although definite be wrong decision TGIF
To actually go on strike - senior's paradise
Wishful thinking - on hand choices won't suffice

Three Things Challenge No: 117

Reading Preference Overload

Library’s shelves collections books
Categorized genres ‘n sub-groups look

Altogether undecided plagued lack of time
Literary selections numerous second floor stairs climb

Thankful for freedom browse experience
Suggested book club reads usable influence

Sudden nostalgia checking out choices library’s front desk
Days teen’s summer reading requirement list quite modest

Gone forever days high school friends ‘n honor role plateau
Persistence choosing game eenie meenie miney moe sans nouveau.

© 2019 June Quintin
















Typical Afternoon

Tis hot and humid outdoors 90 plus degrees
Sad I sweat windows down can't afford fix A/C

Transfer dollars bank to bank require usage ATM
Bank lobby men 'end of life' converse morbid Amen

Survival overheard gruesome details kept lunch down
Afternoon agenda shop closest supermarket hometown 

Slowly walk pushing basket up and down crowded aisles
Realization community frowners missing beautiful smiles

Six self-checkout machines non-stop spurt directions
Quick irritant customers chastise speak loud objections

Groceries onboard vehicle low mileage popular model SUV
Drive home low on gas unknown whereabouts station attendee

Grocery purchases unpacked safe cupboards some fridge stored 
Quiet time access PC mailroom partake personal beverage reward  

Surprise! Surprise! Excessive amount mail awaits thou view
Leave bulk of laughable contents another day posts in review. 

Fun choice write 'bout laughable afternoon excursion
Experimental follower count reader like versus aversion

Struggle feel abundance rejection writers certain face 
Older folk sad apparent limitation amidst beloved human race.

© 2018 June Quintin

Mid-life Change

Marriage interlock
Divorce broken-heart

Teardrops shed
Heartfelt bled

Desire tranquility
Distasteful reality

Miss Analytical
Attitude cynical

Heart healed
Memories sealed

Reasonable timespan
Dating expectations

Rehearse anew
Refrain misconstrue

Disappointment deja-vu
Misrepresentation fiasco

Pas de deux true
Formidable out-of-view.

© 2018 June Quintin

Cottonball Caricatures

Contrary boondoggle
Creative writing useful

Ladies' morning meeting fest
Topic discussions slight grotesque

Boast not 'bout own everyday life
Depart paperwork shopping ahead strife

Thoughts come'n go daily prompt write
Remain calm eventual conquer words blight

Popcorn kernels extreme hot pop
Enlarge transform figurative distorts

Pastas select boil surprises
Selection normal increase sizes

Bakery bread dough daily rises
Customers wait in line yum prizes

Found personal life happier be
Write combat depression and anxiety

Surprise find attain premium success
Organic followers count goal God Bless!

Picture search female head cottonball round
Available only require payment dollars found

Frugal gal wish not disappoint self'n newbies
Address conquer problem usage alphabetic series. 

© 2018 June Quintin

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