Anxiety – Fear – Invisible Enemy

A good writer
An avid reader 
Aft news gardener 

Time it takes to sit and read
Methods world population proceed
Particles of media outdated chose weed

Tis hard to believe age matters
Those 60 or over Triage procedures
Italians no longer treated – poor elderly

Sadness worldwide grows
Amidst medical status quo
Threat worsens new week unfolds

Sufferer anxiety ‘n depression
Counterproductive thoughts lessen
Social media access with discretion



Newfound Love ~ Zumba

Z ealous senior citizens
U nite bi-weekly participate
M ulti-levels innovative
B eginners thru intermediates
A erobic combo dance movements

C lassic Latin American music 
L overs exercise innovative
A ctive energetic workout upbeat
S alsa, samba, mambo, hip-hop mix
S elf-confidence, self-love bonus gain.

© 2018 June Quintin


Success rate older secure date
Lower unless persona fake create

Be yourself proclaim truth no lies
Traffic stream continuously subside

Mirror image water reflection
Older woman fancy intellect attention

Fearful world's imminent dangers
Imperative wary unknown strangers

Process selectiveness grown weary
Misrepresentations torrid leary

Years avoidance alcoholic drinks
Consent hookup negative thanks

Personal nature good qualities
Hallmark equality definite honesty

Regardless multitude label players
Continuance be Ms. generic surveyor

Faithful eventually timing right
Hopeless romantic blessed date night.

© 2018 June Quintin

Mid-week Affair

Take in displays, gather information
Seventy statewide health organizations

Mid-week attendee local area health fair
Total amazement hundreds curious turnout there

Recreation center daily seniors free usual walk
Today numerous booths health reps greet'n talk

Each person recipient trinket bag encourage fill
Follow long lines browse free lunch await still

Watchful smart seniors love collect those freebies
Unfortunate bag soon become heavy hmm overflow see

Glance watch time unbelievable hour plus pass
Health awareness booths browse'n discuss alas

Questions asked organization reps answer thorough
Many fair goers wish grab booklets later read info

May month dedicate older Americans special encourage
Importance self-aware takecare individual's healthcare.

© 2018 June Quintin


More ZZZs Please!

Several hours prior dawn
Darkness sit alone forlorn

Time daylight hours away
Overcome lack sleep pray

New segmented sleep pattern
Unfortunate older folk happen

Certain appear out-of-order
Wish become sleep hoarder

Resident apartment complex
Unable noisy whenever wish

Reluctantly turn lamps on
Minutes later glasses worn

Scribble notes writers' form
Concentration written poem born

Sudden widen mouth yawn begin
Follow tear-filled eyes origin

Signal exhaustion sleep please
Coverlet warm thankful more ZZZs.

© 2018 June Quintin

Easter Confections

Easter candy chocolate bunnies shop
Homeward bound fudge wrapped gift-boxed

Buyer choose personal treat square
Chocolate 'n penuche combo two-inch spare

Yesterday temptation fail fudge temptress
Walnuts inclusive definite difficult resist

Moderation practice key caloric guidelines
Known fact excess sweets enlarge waistlines

Shame senior citizen's metabolism creep slow
Calorie pack Easter goodies shelves overflow

Paper bag holder spare fudge square currently empty
Satisfaction guarantee 'yes' expensive eaten yummie

Foil failure feeling thanks slight departure diet regimen
Cutbacks 'n halfsies practice embarrassment prevention

Chocolate confections delivery countdown mere hours away
Recipients certain devour purchases sunny Easter Sunday.

© 2018 June Quintin

Smile – Tis Holiday Season

Morning shopping department store
Conversation overheard
Woman's complaint holiday season
No longer fun anymore totally understood

Festive times family celebrations spiritual
Thru years rapidly changed too commercial
Remembrance days filled wrapped presents
Ad display gift certificates season understatement

Now upfront store's pharmacy checkout counter
Clerk apologetic problem lack of dollar bills cash
Near whispered comment quarters acceptable 'n fine
Awareness new-hired cashiers season stressful time

High percentage seniors pleasant demeanor embrace
Amidst technology's e'er constant fast change pace
Attitude transform frown to smile free idea in place
Readiness spirit joyful holiday season undertake.

© 2017 June Quintin