Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Nuts

Delete daily writes
Bizarre behavior nuts right

Decade alone true challenge
Occasional thoughts revenge
Realization impossible mend

Remain calm
Refuse admit defeat
Outdoor hobbies autumn peak

Day two NaNoWriMo challenge
Pistachio nuts gal’s intake – a binge
Writing poetry often been topical cringe
Month December return land fabric ‘n fringe.

© 2019 June Quintin

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 2/19

Whimsical Summer Day

Fresh breeze
Pollen sneeze

Temperature hot
A/C inevitable start

Cell phone volume low
Scroll screen show

App notification dings
Missed incoming calls ring

Reasons day's progress slow
Unknown soon tension grow

Morning phase self-doubt
Creative topic whereabouts

Suffer case writer's block
Prior relinquish 'n depart

Share millennial craze
Emojis current new age

Smiley's fabric lightweight
Mixed sizes yo-yos sewer create 

A Snapchat for fun
Visual communication

Future groovy post-notes
Hopeful funkie host promote.

© 2018 June Quintin

Paradisiacal Fabric Affair

Teenager slow
Beginner sew

Young woman
Machine modern

Children's clothes
Combinations juxtapose

Adult fashions
Pattern passion

Costumes design
Challenge timeline

Continuous educate
Knowledge relate

Classes take
Seamstress make

Scrap heap
Quilter keep

Dream shop owner
Unsuccessful groaner

Wise decision substitute
Begin anew pursuit

Generic type
Online hype 

Dancewear flair
Panache entertainer

Sales one-of-kinds 
Wearisome deadlines 

Decision close door
Boxed remnants store

Thought scraps sell
Online store sale finale. 

© 2018 June Quintin

word prompt: word prompt 


Quilted Wreath

Browsing through computer files
Beautiful quilted wreath pic create smile

Excellent spring project possible undertake
Fabric stash totes appearance shortly make

Colorful pastel prints fabric hues
Pinks, yellows, orchids, greens 'n blues

Sewing machine, Serger 'n quilting tools
Access YouTube instructions thankful cool

Indecisiveness task start pathway gal's mind
Mother Nature's forecast certain lack sunshine

Rain 'n gusty winds possible loss power
Best schedule wreath sew post 2nd Nor'easter

Retirement option 'whenever wish' idea twofold
No longer PT seamstress' deadlines lo 'n behold.

© 2018 June Quintin

Quilting a Leisure Activity

The arts per se
Individualism portray

Personality traits
Purchase 'n thought

Combination colors dynamic select
Production fabric harmonious effect

Preference decision hand sewn foreseen
Versus quilter's utilization sewing machine

Determination choice potential
Completion timespan preferential

Supplies 'n tools all assemble
Pre-cut desired requirement squares 'n triangles

Various placement creation quilt blocks
Ornamental décor via stitching proceed interlock

Quilt size measurements offer patterns galore
Choices baby quilt through king size bed grandeur 

Log cabin patchwork or applique beautiful
Passionate woman's creation dream resemble 

Completion three-layered process unique
Self-satisfaction whene'er view personal masterpiece.

© 2017 June Quintin    

Trial and Error

Today's thought process underway
Time to go - time to stay
Wander 'n stray
Possible self-betray

Morning post quick and fun
Eight (8) buttons - eight (8) sayings
Word suggestive first response comments mine
Type each consecutive computer text line

Show ole gal 2017's new tips 'n tricks
Remember use thimbles prevent 'ouch' blisters

Sew over it 
Bring on seam ripper follow with stitches
Sew what?
Give way today's pattern thought

Hot stuff
Fabric not always require iron buff
You SEW girl!
Mannequin outfit ready take few twirls

The ultimate feminine power tool 
Gift bestowed upon me back in the 60s
Hey sew sista!
Saved hundreds of dollars world Fashionista

Time to wonder if
Post timing be adrift
Profitable 'n fun
Most happiness creativity found sewing outcome.

Honoring a Request

Fun surprises, welcome requests
Fear of unknown overcome pass test
Idea presented certain seem easy
Sew several sizes dance shorts stomach queasy

Behind me years sewing experience
Rarely alone tackled fabric selection foreign
Combo percentage polyester 'n spandex silence
Welcome today's world sew stretch fabric reign 

Months ahead production colorful stretchie
Sparkling dance shorts quite the eye-catchie
Incoming special orders taken waiting on hold
Pair after pair different sizes craft fairs sold

Turn on laptop - click on favorite purchase site
Time selection stretch fabric 2 or 4-way type 
Few days later order delivered right to door
Grateful seamstress impossible ask convenience more

Finally tired of considered mundane daily routine
Shut down production - sewed last seam
Learned stretch fabric work quite easy-peasy
Leftover assortment remnants internet sale easy

For now on vacation from this vocation
Await replenish fabric stash in time 
Ahead sewing at fairly new location
Fulfilled dream find be ultimate sublime.